What’s Next? The Washington Monument?

Judging by the hoopla going around these days, it would seem the next on the chopping block after the Confederates are gone is the Founding Fathers, because as you know, a lot of them owned slaves back in the Colonial Era. Will Sharpton or Jackson have the audacity to ask such a thing? Of course, because racism is their stock and trade.

This reminds of a time in China (circa 1950s) and Russia (circa 1910s) when both cultures were forced to destroy all their historic iconography and the replacement of Communist monuments were erected in their places. The same thing happened when Nazi Germany was formed, so don’t think it’s just a Communist thing…

To obliterate our history is a common thread of all fascist groups and for those studying history, it is one of the first things dissidents do to take over an existing culture and establish their own brand of truisms. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time when we all see these monuments and memorials be challenged by the lunatic fringe we fondly refer to as the Left.

ANTIFA are no different than Brown Shirts or the Bolsheviks – the only difference is they carry iPhones and pay homage to the almighty dollar – where the real dissident groups never pandered to pop culture and fads. They were diehards in the regimes and thought nothing of the accoutrements our youth can’t seem to live without.

As they spit in the face of our history, the governors and such are quietly removing these statues by night as politicians in an act of cowardice. If they think this will garner them respect or votes in the long run, they are sadly mistaken. In fact, it will only further the divide that’s growing in this country with every moment that tick-tocks by.

Rush Limbaugh is absolutely right when he makes the claim we are in a Civil War already. There are definitely two sides of the podium and they are not budging. The problem is the Media doesn’t seem to get the 411 that it’s not the Klan or White Supremacy that’s the total problem. The Left has spawned some nasty buggers who have reared their violence towards people who didn’t deserve to be molested. This is where the issue becomes more pertinent to our society.

So I ask you, which are next to go? Will they now begin to remove all historical markers – in all fairness, this should be the order of the day. This should include Martin Luther King, Jr. and Harriet Tubman as well. No monument should be left in America if we are to whitewash history into an oblivion. They all have to go because all are offensive to one group or another.

The whitewashing (pun unintended) is the order for the day but will it be equal in it’s execution. Perhaps we should all demand as such. It would be good form if we did exact such justice because that sword does cut both ways.

The lunatics and unAmericans will whatever necessary to do away with all of our history… Maybe it’s time President Trump federalized all monuments and memorials throughout America considering our States’ governors are too weak to resist the resistance.

Lucky for us, the Japanese and Europeans know our history better than we do, so people wishing to learn about America can go to those places to get an advanced education in our real history. Is your passport up to date?

In the meantime… look to all Thornton people to fight to preserve our history and the monuments/memorials in danger of extinction. This is a sad time but as revolutionaries, we are tasked to protect our heritage!


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