What’s going on here?

Last Friday, the Fox News media lit up with headlines about how Michael Horowitz from the Inspector General’s office didn’t have 50,000 text messages in the Strzok/Page saga. The missing texts are from time periods which encompass the termination of James Comey through to the appointment of Robert Mueller.

What’s most curious is, in December 2017, Horowitz wrote Ron Johnson (R-WI) about the dates of the text messages they had in their possession. In the 3-page letter you see here, it clearly states they had the messages for the time period they now say the FBI cannot find. Why the change in the story?

Some have suggested there are other reasons these texts are not being released to the public and the ‘lost’ story is merely subterfuge but its really a great mystery. Most voters would rather be told they have them but are unable to release due to content rather than be told, once again, our government has lost yet more messages.

Remember the same excuse was used for the IRS emails, Hillary Clinton’s illegal server emails and so on and so on. Therefore, it makes our government look inept at simple technology. Considering they have all the power in the world behind them, this is a hard idea to grasp. Missing or lost messages just don’t seem feasible.

The Letter from the IG back in December 2017

Guess we’ll just have to wait to see how all shakes out but it is telling that Peter Strzok has reportedly retained high-powered attorney, David Boise, to represent him.

On a side note, Fox & Friends reported this morning, the three major networks; CBS, NBC and ABC – have not covered the missing text message scandal at all.

How are people who don’t have access to FNC getting the truth about these matters? Isn’t this a dereliction of the Mainstream Media’s purpose and duty to the American Public? This censorship is unfathomable and is liken to an American version of Pravda with each passing day!

What is this world coming to? Is there any reason we’re losing faith in our Intel Community and believe the President’s assessment about the Fake News Media? By doing this lying by omission, the Media only validates their recent smeared reputation.

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