What Sanctuary Cities Should Understand…

Back in the day when our framers were structuring our Republic, they never allocated money to the colonies. This Federal money situation really didn’t come into play until Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal as a way to ‘fix’ the Great Depression. As we know, the New Deal only prolonged the Depression and also created a bureaucratically nexus where states became heavily dependent on the Feds supporting their extremely excessive spending! Hence, it created a culture of ‘double dipping’ where states get money from two taxation systems instead of just one.

In the colonial days, the states’ rights included sovereignty which included self-financed. The states got their coffers filled by tax money from their goods and services produced by citizens; this included importing and exporting to other colonies as well as overseas. Most colonies, especially in the South, were designed to support an agrarian society not an industrial one. Hence, it wasn’t until the 1800s with the Industrial Revolution that states became more dependent on others to provide food items and the such.

What sanctuary cities fail to realize is the Federal government is not beholden to them financially. In fact, the tax money should be going towards the original purpose, military defense and paying salaries for legislators in order to keep the federal level’s number one (and only) job — keeping the United States safe from enemies foreign and domestic.

Yes, the money states and cities now enjoy was never meant to be; however, with the New Deal and then Eisenhower’s development of the interstate system throughout the country, the waters became muddier and muddier until now we have the states (aka colonies) now all sucking off the Feds like they do taxpayers within their own states. Since this period, we’ve seen an escalation of corruption and palm greasing in DC because states vie for money they’re not really supposed to have access to as designed by those dead white guys that started this experiment some 240 years ago.

Therefore, to cut off Federal money to sanctuary cities is not only legal, it should be a policy across the board to all states, not just areas that harbor illegal aliens. Because, in reality, states should have enough money to deal with their own infrastructure and stop mooching off the Federal dole. If they lived within their fiscal means rather than gross overspending on salaries and silly projects like providing crayons for college students, they would have enough to self-finance as intended by our framers.

While many may decry this as a horrible act, the act of states and cities taking Federal cash on top of what they already get from their locals is the real atrocity which has cause much unrest, corruption and damage on both state and federal levels. However, as we know, many do not understand or even know about the real framing of our country due to a negligent indoctrination from a corrupt education department, designed to keep the folks ignorant.

My fellow Americans, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a few moments and learn about our Constitution and the real history of the founding of our Great Nation! Hillsdale College even offers a FREE US Constitution class that goes over our founding documents with great detail! Learning can be fun – especially when you’re trying to wade through the oceans of misinformation, gratuitous of our nefarious media. If you did study, you’d realize, sanctuary cities are not only incubuses of criminality, it is not their right to do so and they have no legal leg to stand on in the first place.

Also, another remind, there is a distinct difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration. People like Rahm Emanuel, Eric Garcetti and Bill de Blasio are committing intellectual treason for not defining and relaying this difference when they speak with such grandiose rhetoric. The only thing these mayors are proving is they put politics over public safety. Hence, they leave themselves wide open, not only for criminal responsibility for their words/deeds but also civilly. Yes, a victim’s family can sue them personally and the city in any civil action regarding their negligence to protect their communities.

The mainstream media is also culpable for not making this distinction as well as its their job to keep politicians honest — and as we’ve seen from the election, they are hardly competent in their jobs!

Donald Trump has no intention of deporting everyone! His only objective at this time is to get the illegal aliens who are perpetrating crimes detrimental to our society out! No one in their right mind can possibly find fault with this objective as it makes everyone’s community much safer.

Don’t bake your noodle, use it. Learn some history today and dare to inform yourselves.

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