Was the Mooch a Strategic Hitman?

Things are never as they seem in DC. Anyone with any political savvy can tell you, often things are seldom anything close to what they appear in the Media. As many of you caught onto this during the election – largely due to President Trump pointing it out himself – we all got wise to the Fake News media and their incessant pandering to the Liberal battle cries and nothingburgers – mountains spun from pure molehills.

When Anthony Scaramucci was hired as Director of White House Communications, very few people knew the underbelly that lurked between him and then Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. Well, most didn’t have a clue even though there’s always been some contingency between them.

In that infamous Friday briefing, Scaramucci blew off the allegations of a blood feud and spoke love & light political speak when asked about his tumultuous relationship with his co-worker. He said they were like “brothers” and stated all siblings ‘fight’ from one time to another. Enough said and the press moved onward to tackle more important issues like the big Russiangate.

From the start, Scaramucci never minced words when it came to his disdain for White House leaking. He was not amused as none of the rest of us that the staff seemed to be suffering from Loose Lip syndrome which in many ways, hurt our President with the press. Conversely, we assume those leaks were malignant but in reality, could all be some 4-D chess plan as many conjecture throughout the social media airwaves. Once again, reiterate the word conjecture — something you can surmise by surround factoids (as you know them) without much concrete proof.

The war on leaks has been an ongoing problem because the media has made it out to be by irresponsibly publishing information it had no business publishing in the first place! Unnamed sources with salacious tales have all hit the headlines and made us look in another direction – which had nothing to do with the Trump Administration’s agenda or all the good achievements he was making in business and job creation. Instead, we all looked to the big red nose items, ignoring the good happening all around us – including the Stock Market’s rise of over $4 Trillion dollars since Election Day.

Therefore, when General John Kelly became Chief of Staff Kelly, outing Reince Priebus (a move many Trump supporters wanted because none of us like his close proximity to our man Trump) it was a big day. Monday was a phenomenal day with a whopping after taste. Scaramucci was out after ten days!

What had he accomplished in those ten days? For many Trump supporters, a lot. He removed Priebus and Spicer. This is huge because if Trump had just fired either one, the GOPe would’ve had a field day with all the thrills and spills we saw in the election. Scaramucci, on the flip side, using the big f-word with the New Yorker reporter, Ryan Lizza, was the big bombshell moment that turned heads (and hearts) away from the Mooch.

Considering Scaramucci’s success in the toughest town in the world, it’s hard to believe he actually thought he was ‘off-the-record.’ In fact, if you think about it, it’s inconceivable that he would want it off the record as it removed the former COS from his position without Trump getting blowback from his congressional buddies like Speaker Paul Ryan. Instead, he was allowed to step down gracefully, turning over his prized office to his successor willingly and without incident. Then in a flash, Scaramucci: gone!

See, like I said things are never as they seem. When you look at his words to The Hill’s Jeff Belk, Scaramucci was only looking at being there for six to nine months. Of course, that’s what he says now but who really knows what goes on behind the fence at 1600 besides the real players involved?

Like I said that the start of this article, conjecture can conjure up a host of scenarios but this one seems to feel right more and more as the days pass and people – namely Scaramucci – become more relaxed due to the press moving onto some other big shiny object. Perhaps he will write a tell-all or produce a movie! Until then, we’ll just have to wait with our speculations and conjectures fully in tact.

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