VISAs: Should America Halt Them Altogether?

The proposal is not too extreme when looking at what’s going on in Europe right now. The violence is horrific, crime has escalated and most is due to the migrants who came in under refugee status. In that time, these so-called 20-something men refugees have raped and pillaged their way through countries like Belgium and Germany while law enforcement has stood by, powerless.

Would this happen in America if President Trump allowed it? Absolutely. Why? Because leopards don’t change their stripes even if they change their geography.

Perhaps it’s time for our Executive branch to seriously consider stopping all VISAs of any kind for a mass travel ban because courts, whom are not cleared to read national security intel, seem to not understand their boundaries. The problem is, you have some countries where it’s absolutely impossible to ascertain the threat a person presents. Look at the San Bernardino tragedy where the woman who had no history of violent behavior was admitted into the US. As we learned 14 dead later, she did have such a tendency and it was aimed at infidels.

Here’s some facts that many find interesting. From the illegals in Los Angeles, here’s where the numbers add up to huge problems. Illegal aliens cost the City of Angels big money, too. Yet, people on the Left particularly, have a problem with anything President Trump does. Why? Because that’s what they’re paid to do.

Yesterday, a video surfaced with Los Angeles State Senate Representative Kevin De León that illustrates how over the cliff the Left has charged into criminality and unrest. He actually outed his family members who are illegal aliens, citing that they’ve stolen identities in order to work. He claims they pay taxes but do they? Who knows. Undocumented is undocumented so no one really knows. And by virtue of them not coming into the US legally, they are in fact, breaking the law! This hardly constitutes ‘law abiding’ in any stretch of the imagination. This is basic logic. Anyone with a third grade education can figure this one out.

Even FBI Director James Comey stated it was impossible to vet people coming into America from certain countries. So why do we continue down this road when the unknown has the potential of being far worse than we could ever imagine? As stated above, we see proof and point what Europe has endured, so why are we so quick to follow this track to emanate failure and lawlessness?

Someone said to me the other day, if you’re given a bag of Skittles and you’re told that only three of those skittles would kill you, would you eat any in the bag? Most prudent individuals would not, no matter how their sweet tooth was egging them on. Therefore, why should we take the same chance.

When is the killing enough?

How many Americans must die from situations like New York, Orlando and San Bernardino before even the Left gets an epiphany moment? Ten? Twenty? We’ve seen more terrorist attacks under Obama’s watch because of the lax mentality regarding immigration.

It seems that strident times call for equally strident measures! If all VISAs were pulled, no one could cry foul. The tech industry might just have to recruit from the American public rather than rushing to hire illegals or immigrants. Perhaps it’s time for them to put their big-boy britches on and face reality that while they can abuse workers from other countries easier than US workers, they are putting our whole national security at risk in the name of profit.

It’s interesting that corporations rally to sue when they’re not in the law-making business. Their job is to follow the law, yet they don’t seem to do this very well, either.

So, once again, when is it enough? How many dead Americans will it take for people to get a clue that we as a country shouldn’t have to be dealt this hand when our President is trying so desperately for us to be in a safe environment?

What is your life worth to you?

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