Trump Addresses Boy Scouts at their 2017 Jamboree

In West Virginia last night, President Trump speaks in front of a cheering crowd of 45K Boy Scouts as he talks about dreams, spirit and the American way. His momentous speech addresses all things inspirational as he announces he is their honorary president! Touting his administration that contains 10 Boy Scout alums like Vice President Mike Pence, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Health Secretary Tom Price and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The President congratulates them all with a presidential address to make even the most jaded become patriots!

Here is the speech. Enjoy.

Update: Now the Boy Scouts of America has taken upon themselves to ‘apologize’ for the President’s speech to the Jamboree. The Never Trump people never stop as they bash our President left and right. Hopefully, next year when the positive changes are felt throughout America, the President will forego the speech, as surely he’ll be invited again! This is what happens when lunatics push their agenda, they ruin it for the kids.

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