The Clinton Cash Machine

If anyone wants to venture into the international underbelly of corruptions, bribes and nefariously questionable transactions of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Peter Schweizer’s, Clinton Cash, can take you on such a jaunt.

The book firmly lays out a case for any jury to indict based on Congressman Trey Gowdy’s, faults exculpatory statements as the facts and figures provides a cohesiveness lacking in many other books of this nature.  Furthermore, for anyone who has ever remotely questioned the Clintons’ motives and ‘intent,’ it, certainly satiates any quest to understand the true motivation behind their thirst – or rather lust – for power and influence.

The author brilliantly provides the public (and FBI investigators) a well-investigated blueprint of criminality that is riveting and, quite frankly, deeply disgusting for any American citizen as we see just how much the Clintons have abused America over the course of their entire public and political lives.

We voted them into the White House and our repayment was unadulterated rape!

Having written two recent exposes, Throw Them All Out and Extortion, along with a host of other books, Schweizer has gained a reputation for ferreting out the corrupt culture within our political system. In his time, he has investigated the dubious initiatives of many political figures; both inside and outside the Beltway. Therefore, his expertise is perfected in weaving tapestries of deceit which demonstrate the cause-effect continuum for his readers. Given his investigations concentrate on both sides of the aisle, it is hard to buy into any accusation of political partisanship on his lot.

While he admits he is not a criminal investigator, he does reveal various avenues and connections between the Clintons getting money and legislative changes of mind – especially with Hillary Clinton’s time as Senator and Secretary of State. For example, as she raised through the DC ranks, Bill got more money for his ‘speeches.’ Thus, there are simply too many coincidences in timing that provide an undeniable synchronicity between money flow and donors favors within foreign and domestic policy and legislature forwarded by her committees and offices.

From how the Russian government came to own 20% of our Uranium to India’s entree into the international nuclear market, Schweizer shows us an evidentiary supported journey of how supposed paid speeches were, in fact, merely tools for foreigners to gain access to Washington power-brokers via money laundering, quid pro quo politics also known as the Clinton Foundation.

As he introduces us to some of the most unscrupulous investors on the international stage, he carefully explains their histories and tie ins with the Clintons. Furthermore, he reveals a fact trail which brings to light unethical practices that didn’t just start with Hillary Clinton’s senatorial tenure, but spanning back to their Arkansas days with scandals as Whitewater. This dark cloud of criminality followed them to the White House where even a night in the Lincoln Bedroom was up for rent to the highest bidders.

While he admits his collection of incidents may not be complete, Schweizer does demonstrate the Clintons’ diversity of corruption that spars not even altruistic gestures like their supposed rush to help Haitians after the 2010 earthquake which destroyed the country. New terms like Disaster Capitalism become more definitive and clear as false charitable gestures designed to make them look upstanding to Americans while misappropriating taxpayer donations to themselves and friends, when they were meant to help those in need.

I can only hope after forging into this spectral that goes against Americans’ core beliefs and values, voters even entertaining a vote for her will reconsider, because four years of this criminal would not only be a travesty for our culture but also a black mark on our Criminal Justice System.

After reading their appetite for corruption, it becomes apparently clear, neither Hillary nor Bill should ever get within a thousand miles of our White House again as it will continue their goal to sell off America piece by piece to the highest foreign bidder.

For my readers wishing to be inform, this is a MUST READ and shared book for every citizen of age to handle its contents! Hence, this 182-page read is time well spent in order to get a real understanding into the methodology behind the hyperbole Clinton-machine. Clinton Cash contains an education you can’t afford to miss.

     — TC

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