Should Michael Flynn Have Taken The Plea Deal?

Looking at the situation now with hindsight being 20/20, should General Flynn have taken such a plea deal with the Robert Mueller investigation.

On both Hannity and Rush Limbaugh today, we’ve heard this is not an obstruction or collusion investigation but a political witch hunt to impeach our duly elected president, Donald Trump.

Andrew Weissmann

In reality, the evidence Mueller and his nefarious group including Trump-hating Peter Strzok, whose now been removed and legal hack, Andy Weissmann of Enron fame, was based on the now defunct Trump Dossier created by former M6 Christopher Steele. The whole dossier has been revealed to be a fabricated hit-job by the Clinton campaign, passed through the illustrious John McCain to James Comey. Through the chain we learned that while unsubstantiated, it is very likely this falsified dossier was used as evidence to the FISA court to get the wiretaps on Trump Towers – a dragnet that captured Flynn’s discussion with the Russian Ambassador during the Transition.

Therefore, the evidence obtained as a result of the dossier and FISA warrants are constitutionally, inadmissible in court. One would think a group of agents and lawyers would get that 411 considering their lives revolve around the law and courts.

So did Flynn really have to take the flimsy deal?

It would seem in a KGB styling, Mueller and his rogue group decided to make Flynn’s life a living hell, leaking to the Fake News Media erroneous information, which was ruining his family’s lives. Many have speculated that his son, Mike Flynn, Jr. was also threatened as well as his statements to friends, “I’m financially and emotionally drained.”

Mueller broke Flynn – much like a prisoner of war – which is not acceptable in America. If we can’t waterboard terror suspects, what makes this behavior any different?

Here we have a General who served our country for decades, highly decorated being badgered, belittled and berated in the pubic eyes. Now, his reputation in tattered rags, thanks to the Trump witch hunt, it would seem the Justice Department owes the General a bit more than some flash in the pan deal to admit to lying to the FBI.

Considering Hillary Clinton’s lies on lies, it seems quite hypocritical on Mueller’s lot to even go there with General Flynn. If he’s going after all the others for lying, why isn’t he going after Hillary? Her lies are massive and she profited quite well from her lies. So why is she still walking the streets?

In reality, the shallow case would never hold up in any court of law. Mueller’s danger game is getting to the point where we should all question his very existence at this point. Is it time to shut Mueller’s witch hunt down?

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