Rokita Pushes SLAP Act: Is it Real or just a Totemistic Response?

In the wake of the Kate Steinle verdict, the Hill Republicans are now kicking heels on a bill proposed on January 10, 2017 which addresses the never-ending issue of sanctuary cities.

Todd Rokita (R-IN)

As we saw from San Francisco’s court system last week, Steinle’s life meant less than political agendas and even with a jury of 12, the liberal memes have found way to eradicate evidence and judicial remedy for victims who fall prey to the illegal aliens who have hijacked our society.

This Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act, otherwise known as the SLAP Act, promotes criminal punishment for all those who harbor illegal aliens and fail to adhere to detainers issued by Homeland Security. This includes Police Department officials, Mayors, Governors and anyone attempting to usurp our federal Immigration laws.

Senator Todd Rokita (R-IN) seems to be the spokesperson for this bill, which was introduced by Sen. Pat Tooney (R-PA) earlier this year. He’s been making the media rounds to show Senate Republicans were just as outraged by the Steinle verdict and now, willing to move towards outlawing and defunding sanctuary cities putting illegal aliens above citizen safety.

The actual legislation can be found on the website here.

In short, it proffers a $1M fine along with a 5-year prison sentence for any politician, local/state government official who fails to uphold the Constitution and our Federal Immigration laws. Rokita has stated he expects it to gain much support because of the recent events. However, the obstructionist Democrats will likely try to halt it like they’ve done with everything else since President Trump took the oath of office.

Some ambiguity here is just how far will this bill go in enforcing federal law. Will university presidents of sanctuary universities be held to the same standard as a Mayor or Sheriff? They, too, are required to report illegal activities and students overstaying VISAs falls under this provision.

One has to ponder why this wasn’t done decades ago, because sanctuary cities haven’t just sprung up from the ether in the last couple months. Cities like Chicago and San Francisco are notorious for their allegiance to illegal aliens for a long time – and their crime rates certainly dispel any doubt. However, in the last year, the mayors and governors of states like New York and California have made it abundantly clear they have no intention of upholding the Constitution (which by the way is in their oath of offices, too) and have truculently and publicly challenged the federal government.

It would seem imprudent to challenge the hands that feed you federal grant money to the tune of billions but many Democrats are slaves to their ideology and party lines at the expense of good, old fashion Common Sense.

Let’s hope this legislation isn’t merely some totemistic gesture to quill public outcry over Steinle’s death; but instead of an earnest move by legislators to eradicate sanctuary status in America, once and for all.

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