Now What?

The now infamous FISA Abuse Memo has dropped on the public like a lead weight, it verified everything most have long-suspected about the illegal surveillance of Donald Trump — his campaign, transition and now-Administration. It brought forth into clear view the real situation that’s been working behind the scenes for well over two years now. The results were scary because it’s one thing for this to be an abstract of conjecture, but another thing entirely when all the worst scenarios are verified by a Congressional Oversight committee.

Democrats’ primal screams began three days prior…

Oh, the Democrats cried foul, claiming it would damage National Security, expose methods and agents – yet we’ve seen none of this to be true. Since the big drop, we’ve been told it was no big deal, irrelevant and immaterial to the Russian investigation headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller and his band of Democrat operatives.

We all remember that first night as Devin Nunes (R-CA) exited the White House with the news he had just conveyed to the President about the illegalities of thousands of citizens being spied on and wiretapped. His face was as white as a ghost, as if someone had danced on his grave. From the scathing memo, we now see why he was pasty faced and wide-eyed.

Justice usurp by those who took an oath to uphold it…

The truth revealed should disturb all citizens regardless of party affiliation because the means for which James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates, Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe used to gain a warrant, is deeply troubling.

Major players are involved here – from Hillary Clinton to everyone who worked for her team; including those within our own Intelligence Community whom are supposed to be unbiased by the nature of their positions. The spotlight only solicits more questions, like: Why didn’t the FISA judge call into question the FBI’s flimsy evidence based on a salaciously tainted Steele Dossier, because it’s not like the renewals of this warranted didn’t happen after the truth about Dossier began to surface?

And then comes Jimmy the Moral Annihilator…

Disgraced former Director of the FBI, Mr. Comey, tweets it was nothing but he’s a man looking to deflect from his own blatant criminality. He continues to expound his feelings of morally superior over all of us, yet he’s the one who broke several laws and betrayed the confidence of millions who looked to FBI to uphold our Constitution not use it for toilet paper. If anything, his words may come back to haunt him in a court of law – as many have suggested to him that silence is golden. How he sleeps can only be explained in one idea — he has some mental disorder that prevents him from feeling empathy towards the damage he’s done to the FBI.

One question answered leads to many others…

As for the rest of us, we’re left with burning questions: Will anyone be brought to justice? Will Obama become the first president to be criminally charged for treason, conspiracy and obstruction?

Word on the street is this is only the first installment with much more to come. Nunes stated Friday on Brett Baier, we can expect to see a second memorandum regarding the State Department (John Kerry) which demonstrates their hand in all this nonsense to discredit President Trump.

Vindication or just more quagmire of toxic waste?

It should be very interesting when the second memo drops what the Democrats will cry for next. They seem to misunderstand the fact that the real threat to our National Security was the following. While the IC leaders were trying to influence a presidential election and then thwart a sitting President with lies, they weren’t doing their jobs: To keep us safe! Their sole focus was to vilify and ruin President Trump – not National Security.

Hence, in reality, many bad actors carried water for an extremely weak candidate who lost the election in spite of all the cheating done on her behalf. Was she really worth scrapping decades-long careers and impugning one’s character? From the looks of it, the answer is: Absolutely not!

In short, the memo didn’t cause a Constitutional Crisis; it revealed without any more conjecture or doubt, we were already in one!

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