MOTIONS: Lights, Camera, Action!

WASHINGTON, DC: Now we can see how Hollywood has rubbed off on Senate members conducting these confirmation hearings as they star in their own, self-created melodrama. Overtly hostile towards our next President, the Democrats vowed to make a real Punch and Judy show of the hearings, but some Republicans have also made fools of themselves.

It’s no wonder many average citizens would never want to serve their country in any presidential cabinet. Listening to some of the hearings, it is stunning these Senators whom have minimal real-life experience, come together to grill men and women who are leaders in their fields. Their dramatic stance is so placid it goes to the point where one can takeaway the feeling our government representatives are literally jealous of Americans who have achieved great success in their professional lives.

An example is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as she levied asinine questions to Dr. Ben Carson at his hearing yesterday for his post to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She had the audacity (and stupidity) to ask him how he could assure that no money from his department would ever go to benefit President Elect Trump or any member of his family. First, to ask this just shows her disdain for everyone in the building industry and second, she has no command of business at all. There’s no wonder inner-cities suffer from such dilapidation with people like Warren making decisions on money allocation in DC.

Another stunning example was in General James Mattis’s confirmation hearing, where Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) asked him about gays and women in the military. A stupid question bogged down in the Liberal insanity for a very serious man. He answered her idiocy with a simple quip, “Between two consenting adults, I don’t care who people want to sleep with…”

The most laughable, yet sad charades was Florida’s Marco Rubio, who tries to be tough chickie with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. His combative stance was a put-off to most watching as he tried to bully the future Secretary into making claims that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is a war criminal. Considering Mr. Tillerson hasn’t had clearance to read the documents Rubio has, it seemed bullish that he should make such a demand. In spite of the youngster’s immature posturing, it was good Tillerson didn’t take the bait and talk without both information and thought.

Overall, the hearings appear to be more about the Senators trying to gain some relevancy to a public. For the first time in a long time, the people have a President and cabinet that while not appealing to everyone, at least, the recognized as accomplished people in their fields of expertise. Unlike the Senators, the cabinet members have accomplished in their lives prior to public service, not to mention are not in the DC professional moocher class. They are people whom have established track records filled with results. Additionally, they are, like President Elect Trump, possess the Founding Fathers’ vision of governance in American government — ordinary citizens who took the call to serve the country.

While the interviewees have handled their inquisitions with excellence and grace, let’s hope these dog n’ pony show, as corrupt and partisan politics as it is, will not scare off private citizens to take these positions in the future because it’s a real shame elected representatives are treating these people with such disdain and disrespect. Makes one wonder whether these people should be re-elected in their next cycles because they’ve apparently let their politics overshadow any semblance of decency, respect or decorum.

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