MEDIA: They’re Their Own Worst Enemy

In an interview this morning on Fox & Friends, Tammy Bruce made an interesting summation about the Media’s fall from grace in America’s public eye. She claimed that when they decided to become partisan, they stopped doing their real job. They have become more opinion than actual news reporting which has deeply cut their credibility in the eyes of Americans. Is she right? Well, so it seems, she’s spot on.

As the picture to the left indicates, they seldom have hard sources and opt to cite people who have no credibility with Americans either but back their message. Look at the recent love affair with John McCain if you want an example of this demonstration of cherry picking. During 2008, McCain was a nemesis to everything they ‘stood’ for; today, he’s their GOPe hero. Need I say more?

We’ve seen many hysterical musings by the Mainstream Media crowd during the election but now in the Trump Administration’s first days in the White House, it’s kicked into overdrive.

They have labeled President Trump and those close to him as many things – nothing in a good light by any stretch of the imagination. Comparing him to fascist dictators like Hitler and saying he has some mythological past steeped in racism – all of which are untrue, they have purposefully made it their mission to delegitimize and damn the president without so much as a thought as to how the public perceives their endless temper tantrum.

Their shills have gone full throttle to the point where even outcasts like Rachel Maddow are calling for Trump’s assassination; therefore, could this be why the public has tuned them out altogether?

Yes, we all know they pimped for Hillary Clinton. It was so obvious but only verified by Wikileaks over the summer and fall. They demonstrated no shame in their cheerleading efforts. They completely ignored her email server fiasco and chose to generate a lot of false stories about Donald Trump. Then, once he’s president, they feign upset when he dresses them down for their dishonesty. Wouldn’t that be liken to a child attempting to scold their parent when he is has his hand caught in the cookie jar? Yet, the media doesn’t seem to connect the proverbial dots and opts to continue on the same jag which led to their downfall.

Did it happen just with this election?

Absolutely not. Bernie Goldberg’s book called, A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media, came out in 2008, so this is nothing new. With such a title, it’s no one’s guess what the book contains but it’s truth within is nothing shocking as we watched it literally unfold.

We saw this whole partisan bent in that election and history dictates, the media’s past in priding itself as the moral leaders in our country. Isn’t that the president’s job?

Slobbering discusses how the media sold out their own journalistic integrity over Obama and forwarded the first Black president over choosing a president based on merit. Not to say that anyone would now have wanted disgraced John McCain as a president, but for all intensive purposes, he had a lot more ‘experience’ than the newcomer only known for his activism efforts in Chicago. As the campaign wore on, even with facts so real to indicate Obama’s real character surfaced, not to mention his wife’s unsavory comments about America, but the media just ignored it all. They were fact-tone-deaf and opted to paint this Martin Luther King, Jr./Black John F. Kennedy heroism that simply didn’t exist at all. One could say, Obama was a Hollywood/Mainstream Media myth – a complete creation of an adoring few to sell to the masses.

Isn’t this the textbook example of propaganda?

Until 2008, most had never even heard of Obama, even though he was a Senator from Illinois. He was a nobody to the world’s stage until he set up his forces to run against corrupt criminal Clinton. We all know how that worked out but the media had a great hand in that masterful defeat over the Clinton machine. Yet, another falsehood created by the media, painting the Clintons as the all-powerful, all-knowing Wizard of Oz.

The fact is, the Obama deal was not the first – and with Trump’s election it hasn’t ended. The media still continues to spin their tales of woe and deceit while crying foul that everyone is against them – including but more importantly President Trump.

The media has made their own bed.

They were the media that cried foul one too many times. The dangers they represent to America is much simpler than most would acknowledge. Not only do they dummy down factions of the population with their fakery and deceit, they also marginalized themselves; meaning, if something truly were to happen, who would believe them now?
As seen in a poll by Lou Dobbs, it’s clear most Americans view the media as being morally bankrupt and do not trust them at all. While they spin their stories, they don’t seem to keep things like this in mind which illustrates either stupidity, ignorance or apathy – or any combination of all. They have put themselves out of business as more Americans gravitate towards news sources outside the traditional outlets.

Hence, they can continue to cry and engage in name-calling but it’s having little to no effect on Americans. No one is particularly swayed by them anymore and it’s as if they are talking into the ethers with no audience. If anything, the Sunday morning news shows have become a train wreck freak show, only watched in order to have pithy things to retort on Twitter. They’ve become a laughing stock but don’t realize they have become the punchline as well as the joke.

The more they beat up on Trump and his family, the more Americans love the Trumps; so are they really winning at their game? It would seem the media has lost more than their credibility… they’ve lost their collective soul – and that’s something one can never replace.

Additionally, it would seem the media hasn’t learned the childhood lesson Peter did when he cried wolf too many times… And we all know what happened to old Peter. He gotten eaten by the wolf.

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