MARYLAND: Is It Time to Hold Legislators Legally Accountable?

Last week, a 14 year-old girl was raped by two illegal aliens (freshmen ages 17 and 18) in the bathroom at the Rockville High School, located in Rockville, Maryland. Ironically, on Sunday night, the assembly announced they would be voting on making Maryland a sanctuary state the following morning. In light of the vicious rape, thus proving exactly the words President Trump used when he campaigned for the presidency, it smacks in the face of the Democrat legislators as to the reason why sanctuary only provides havens for illegals while putting their voting public in grave peril.

On Monday, Bill 1362 was passed by the House with no public debate. Democrats who have sponsored this nefarious bill which violates Federal Law and puts Maryland in peril, losing federal funding have once again failed to take into account even the recent above mentioned event!  Sponsored by Morales and 78 fellow Democrat legislators, this action represents another ‘fast-one‘ by a legislative body without consent of the people that leaves many to wonder:

Is it time to hold legislators personally responsible criminally and/or civilly for the legislation they pass when it endangers the public at large? 

The arguments are obvious for this measure because if legislators had to personally face repercussions, it would probably curtail a lot of legislative measures unpopular with the general public. If they had civil or possibly legal responsible for their complicity in violating Federal Immigration Laws, then it would make perfect logical sense they would stop endangering their communities under the guise of feel-good social justice warrioring. The truth is, they are needlessly enabling criminals for false sense of altruism while putting their voters in serious harm’s way. This is not their job objective – never has been; never will be.

When querying other states who have the same predicament, many voters have stated they did not want their states to become sanctuary areas. Surprisingly, as much as 86% of the California population has indicated they don’t see sanctuary status in any favorable light.

Los Angeles has had issues with illegals verses the citizens for several decades; therefore, most City of Angel residents would love nothing more than see deportations stepped up. Mind you, these are registered, legal voters and not the illegal population which permeates areas like San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles; however, many respondents were from those areas. It would seem Governor Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Maxine Waters aren’t paying attention to the general outcry against sanctuary status.

Maryland voters would be wise to keep these folks in mind when they go to the polls next time to elect their legislative body. The above Hall of Sham-ers do not represent you, but proffer danger to your communities – that is, until they’re held responsible for their actions which leads to escalated crime.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) has already stated he will VETO the bill should it land on his desk; however, the Maryland Assembly has a nasty history of  overriding his VETOs; such as the bill where they forced solar energy on Maryland, a big loser for the state’s residents – without voter approval.

In the meantime, it is worth a shot that should you become a victim of a crime perpetrated by an illegal alien in Maryland, get a lawyer and find out which representative in addition to Morales to sue — file the lawsuit (and by all means, let us know!)

Ironically, this is puts Maryland in a dicey situation because they were looking to woe the federal government into building the new FBI Headquarters in the area; however, this defiance of federal law is not the way to win friends (or contracts) and influence people in the District of Columbia – especially with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

What are Maryland legislators thinking? Better question is: Are they even thinking at all?

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