HISTORY: The Second Women’s Movement & the MeToo Contradiction

Whenever people set out to make grandiose statements and commentaries, it’s always a good rule of thumb to actually study the history of such turmoil because often times, we find this well-covered territory. Hence, the MeToo Movement is far from original or innovative and has left out many factors. It’s stunning to find that many in our society may act as if they’re breaking new ground but in fact, they’re more regressive than progressive in their stance.

As this movement has pushed itself into our homes via television; exploiting elections to seek a national voice, it has shown the women who are claiming to be feminists haven’t a clue about the real meaning behind feminism from its own historic roots.

In short, real feminism is not about women’s victimization; it’s about women empowerment and equality in a male-dominated world.

Most people aren’t supposed to ask such a question but historians are required to look into these movements and see how they impact prior initiatives in America.

Just a smidgen of History for better understanding…

The Second Women’s Movement (in the 60s/70s) was given somewhat of a bad reputation because of splinter groups like WITCH and SCUM who were more terroristic in their approaches to changing minds and hearts. The two latter groups were more into man-hating and sole survivor-ship than¬† forging a way to work with men in equality.

Hence, many from this time period, look upon the entire movement with negative connotations. This is one of the reasons why the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) wasn’t ratified because opponents like Phyllis Schlafly made arguments about the disintegration of our society with the introduction of same-sex bathrooms and women in the military. (Oh how times have changed, haven’t they?)

Would Betty really be excited about the #MeToo Movement?

Betty Friedan – Godmother of the Second Feminist Movement

Betty Friedan is an author and feminist activist who penned the eye-opening book, The Feminine Mystique, which revealed the world of 1950s sexual politics. Her searing vision ushered the Second Women’s Movement during the the Sixties and Seventies. She was considered the Godmother of the new movement – however, time and fate stepped in, replacing her with a more attractive proponent, Gloria Steinem, to be the spokesperson.

After studying Friedan and her impact on the Women’s Movement in the Sixties, it’s a safe bet she would not be amused with the women using victimization to have a voice in our culture. This is not to say she would not lend a sympathetic ear to real victims of sexual harassment, but the fact this new movement is trading on their victimhood would not be something she’d ever proffer to Americans – male or female.

The original Feminist movement was about women freeing themselves from domestication marred in the Fifties’ sexual politics of mother, wife and hostess. It was about women forging a life autonomous from a man (husband) and shedding the domestic life in pursuit of careers. Friedan illustrated the common housewife woes of the most unfulfilling domestic lives trying to be June Cleavers. She argued that women thrived for more substance and were suffering from a mass addition to anti-depressants to cope with their self-inflicted feelings of inferiority.

Once women started working in career-level positions, it transformed into a battle for equality – equal pay and promotions. As many have probably witnessed first-hand, women still experience an uneven playing field in the workplace; however, many advances have been accomplished – and still a work in progress. Of course, some industries are more male-dominated than others, there is still a lack of equality overall.

Who could forget the Mary Tyler Moore episode when Lou demoted Mary Richards so Murray could have the job because he had a wife and kids? The office politics inequality was all over the television during the 70s and 80s as we saw women grappling with the inequality in many ways!

And now we turn to Ms. Steinem and her hypocritical messaging between 1970 and now…

Gloria Steinem now and in her Bunny Days

It seems Ms. Magazine‘s Gloria Steinem has jumped on this bandwagon of perpetual victimization; however, who can forget her time as a Playboy Bunny at the New York franchise? She seems to revel in anything that seems hip or vogue on a momentary basis; however, this only diminishes her place in the time-honored feminist hall of fame.

During the Primary and General Elections, Steinem pitched great support for Hillary Clinton, promoting the potential of the First Woman President. However, one really examines Clinton’s track record – paying females less than male staffers and disparaging remarks her husband’s rape victims – doesn’t this make the once-leader of the Feminist Movement, a hypocrite of sorts? This seems to be a constant contradictory issue with Liberal women because they tend to overlook the wrongdoings of other liberals who violate this tandem of equality for both sexes.

If Steinem was genuinely committed to equality, then her candidate of choice would be Donald Trump because, as CEO of Trump International, he has given women many more powerful positions in his organization than Clinton. In fact, one of the first Construction company boss’s was a female working for Trump; therefore, if she really wanted to promote a feminist candidate, Trump fit the bill much better than the female presidential candidate.

Fake News Media’s Big Time Reality

An ironical and hypocritical note, it’s quite telling that Mika Brzesinski of Morning Joe, doesn’t seem to comment on Steinem’s stint with Playboy but has no problem with accentuating it when discussing Leeann Tweeden’s past while questioning the validity of her claim against disgraced senator Al Franken. Yes, in spite of pictorial proof, Brzesinki was quick to judge the incident, indicating the former Playboy model deserved being sexually abused while she slept even though Franken accepted responsibility and apologized for the incident.

The Big Set Back: What this could mean for men & women in the Workplace…

One thing most haven’t entertained is the fact this MeToo ordeal makes for working relationships to become strained at best. It doesn’t take more than good old fashion common sense to see the horrific backlash for women in our business world. Without much thought to it, it would seem it creates a huge problem in Human Resources Departments across America!

Men in the workplace, like women, depend on their income to support their families and they have their reputations to keep firmly in tact. With this new melee, employers are now faced with the tough choice of hiring women because this could potentially set up the males in their offices. Hiring a woman could very well mean they or their co-workers could become victimized by false allegations should she not get time off, a promotion or the pay raise she desires.

Granted, it does sound extreme; however, who wants to play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun when it comes to their future?

You Can’t Obtain Equality if You’re always Painting Yourself as Separate, Worthy of Protection…

Victimhood never promotes progress, it only keeps people from moving forward and wallows in the unjust actions of a few at the sacrifice of the whole. The current MeToos are in no way representative of any real Feminist Movement nor a resurgence of one. If anything, it would easy to say, they’ve knocked women back much like Black Lives Matters has degenerated the Civil Rights Movement progress. If anything, these new movements have only sent both groups back about five decades to a time where this nation was divided.

Sorry, kids, but this is far from being anything close to progress!

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