#HillaryClinton Seeking Violinists, Please Apply Within!

Last Tuesday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the Children’s Defense Fund Gala, looking like something the cat drug in from the swamp. She voiced her upset about not winning the election and proceeded to do her “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” speech where she claimed all she wanted to do was curl up with dogs and books and never leave the house again.

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The sad part about the speech is, she speaks of a version of herself that sounded wonderful but far from the true person she became. Her touts of wanting to make a difference in the world, using her law degree to promote good for children was especially searing given her history with the 12 year old rape victim, Kathy Shelton, which left the child unable to ever have children. It is a hard pill to swallow but it seems Clinton still won’t give up the ghost and admit her horrendous overkill when she was appointed to give the defendant a fair trial. Instead, as we’ve heard numerous times recording of her laughing about vilifying the rape victim – a child – while getting her client ‘off’ with a mere infraction.

At no point in this speech, did Clinton admit any hand in her own downfall. Many reports have stated she blames FBI Director James Comey and even Barack Obama for her loss; however, no admission of her own illegal activities is ever mentioned. Her attack on former campaign manager, Robby Mook, where he told her at some point she would be held responsible for her crimes, is now legendary. We’ve heard about her epic meltdowns and drunken brawls with physical altercations but the one happening on Election Night with Mook and John Podesta was heard all around the real news networks.

To be honest, the whole sans makeup, dirty hair bit was not the picture of a defeated woman but one of a psychopathic actor, looking to bilk sympathy from anyone who listened (and believed) her tale of Woe. She’s the queen of mean whom loves portraying herself as the perpetual victim held down by a male chauvinist world when in fact, had she kept her nose clean she may have had a much better case for being the first female president. Instead, her love of power and lust for cash was her ultimate undoing.

Middle America, contrary to what the fragile snowflakes believe, is not likened to her rhetoric and propagation of failing policies that’s left so many in the middle class destitute. Unfortunately, for the Democrats, their hey days are ending (if they haven’t already) because most simply cannot afford their liberal, feel good nonsense anymore. Promoting things like treating refugees better than our own Vets whom fought for our freedom, driving coal miners out of work, reviling people through the paid collision from a now-defunked mainstream media, is simply unacceptable to most Americans.

We knew DC is corrupt; however, through her shenanigans and Wikileaks, we found out just how utterly corrupt the rigged system is in reality and only Donald Trump, the outsider, will make great strides towards righting that ship. With Clinton, we were faced at a future of more, if not worse, corruption.

Sure some will feel sorry for Clinton, but their sympathy is unwarranted. She did this to herself and it was her own greed that became her unpinning. Therefore, all the sad appearances in the world cannot unwreck her ship. It’s done. She would be better off fading into obscurity and praying the Department of Justice under Trump will not decide to pursue her for her multitudes of crimes and corruption while Secretary of State and New York Senator — or Vince Foster!

Question now is, did the Children’s Defense Fund organization pay her regular $250,000.00 speaking fee? Something tells us that she won’t be seeing those types of fees anymore now that her sponsors won’t get any access in return.

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