Have You Noticed the Silence?

Many in the business world who lean towards the Liberal bend, swore President Trump would destroy the market and America business. Even Shark Tankers like Marc Cuban swore that Trumpism would be bad for business. Yet, now that the Tax Reform is law and American workers are prospering, there’s not one word shouting from that peanut gallery!

Why are these liberal CEOs all of the sudden mute about the Tax Cuts now that successful consequences have been exposed throughout the corporate world? After over a year of virtue signaling and shaming, where are the boys who clamored now?

Biting Reality

Many companies like FEDEX, Boeing, AT&T and others have been giving pay increases and bonuses to workers since the day the House and Senate passed the Tax Reform Bill of 2017. This was a monumental day that proved to make for a great Christmas for many across the country as they got unexpected bonuses from companies who, traditionally, weren’t so ‘giving.’

Today, Walmart announced its bonuses and minimum wage hike to $11/per hour for all new employees — not bad for a company whose been demonized by the Left for almost a decade. Their low prices have driven small vendors out of business much like Amazon did to places like Barnes & Noble. Another black mark for liberals is the fact the Waltons have resisted (pardon the pun) unionization in a vigilant manner.

More revealing is the fact that when a business, even the size of Walmart, is left unmolested by government, they naturally raise their hourly wage. Wouldn’t it be grand if states like Washington and California would learn from this experience? While it would be, we all know how the liberals don’t learn from history and repeat bad history with nauseating frequency, so don’t waste your three wishes on this coming true any time in the near or distant future!

It is interesting to note, like what was said in the Warren article from earlier, many union-run corporations are not announcing the same win falls from the tax breaks. In fact, places like Verizon – who are known for their union-dependent workforce – don’t appear to be getting raises in their paychecks.

Could it be executives held hostage by unions are still holding grudges due to the decades of strikes and bully tactics utilized every time the union leaders don’t get their way?

At any rate, it’s interesting to see Amazon, Starbucks, Target and Google have yet share the wealth to their workforce, especially given their big claims to the liberal way – which means communal wealth in a nutshell. Google may have a viable excuse considering a massive lawsuit for discrimination against white conservatives was just launched and they need money to combat the claim that will surely cost them millions, if not, billions.

As for the other CEOs, guess they aren’t really as altruistic as they’d have you, Joe Blow America, believe!

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