FLYNN: Will He Change His Plea?

Many talking heads have corroded the airwaves, citing General Michael Flynn’s guilty plea as evidence that ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire…’ However, is it?

It has been proven the Clinton campaign paid for the fake Russian Dossier on Donald Trump. Now, there’s much speculation that this same dossier was used to illegal obtain FISA warrants to wiretap the Trump campaign and then, Transition Team. Mind you, this is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment concerning due process.

Therefore, if the FISAs were obtained illegally by rogue agent Peter Strzok, then all the evidence obtained from said warrants would be inadmissible and even a freshman attorney right out of law school could easily have the case dismissed. Could Flynn change his plea and void the plea agreement with the Mueller team? Chances are, yes – even if it would cause a problem in the short term, in the long run, it would behoove Flynn and his legal team to do so.

Watching those Democrats spreading their camel dung is discouraging to Americans because, most of us – even without a law degree – can ascertain the inference that Flynn’s so-called admission of guilt was coerced by Andrew Weissmann – a lawyer with a dubious past of strong-arming targets through threats and intimidation.

Can innocent people plead guilty to crimes they never committed?

Yes, as a matter of fact, it happens all the time. On Netflix, there’s a whole series dedicated to false admissions of guilt, The Confessions Tapes.

There have been many reports where Flynn’s close family and friends have revealed the reason behind his plea deal, but many speculate the Mueller team also held his son, Michael Flynn, Jr., over his head. Like any good father, he opted to take the heat than put his family or son through any further duress. This is not justice or getting to the truth, friends, this is about coercion and KGB-like tactics that we don’t expect from any investigations in America.

Let’s hope Flynn and his counsel will seriously reconsider the guilty plea due to extraneous circumstances.

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