END CHAIN MIGRATION: Do You Need Any More Proof?

As the title says, do you need any more proof that Chain Migration is not working in America?

During his campaign, Donald Trump proposed doing away with these negligent immigration practices and everyone branded him a racist. Yet, yesterday at New York’s Port Authority as well as the West End Highway last month, we are shown time and again how his cautionary tale has merit.

Additionally, the President has proposed several times that our Immigration system needs to move to a merit-based system instead of the mess we have going on currently. Is he right? Well, Canada and Europe practice merit-based immigration – with the exception of their current melee over refugees, which we all see how that’s working out for them. Merit-based is not only prudent, it’s financially sound because immigrants would not be coming here for the sole purpose of living off our government dole. A country with $19T in deficits, can we afford to continue this policy?

For those who still don’t understand Chain Migration, it’s a system by which a person entering the US can bring everyone in their family, including the kitchen sink. Their green-light becomes the entire family’s green-light. Considering the fact many countries, especially in the Middle East, have no documentation for their citizens, vetting people from these areas is virtually impossible. It’s not like you can see from someone’s library card, whether or not they will attempt to perpetrate violence against American citizens.

Unfortunately, our vetting system can’t ascertain intent nor what lies in the heart of a person – which makes it all the more difficult to pick who should be in America and who should stay in their motherland. However, it’s a good guess – educated – those from the Middle East should be scrutinized with more intensity than other countries.

Sure, people say we have our own homegrown terrorists; however, that margin is relatively small when compared to those coming from certain regions throughout the world.

Is it time to engage in a mass Chain Deportation?

In a presidential press conference, President Trump has now called for an end to the Chain Migration and Lotteries which has brought so many people into our country, whom seek to hurt us while living off our tax dollars.

Statement made by NYPA bomber’s family. (Click to enlarge)

Given what we saw yesterday, the chances are pretty good it has come to a point where we must consider this immigration practice. As reported by a New York local station, the NYPA bomber’s family had the audacity to be upset that their home was invaded and they were inconvenience by law enforcement, it’s probably a safe bet there’s not too much remorse coming from his family. Therefore, can we afford for them to continue on in America, unchecked? No!

Mike Savage yesterday made very valid points about commencing with a Chain Deportation for all who have family members who have perpetrated terrorist acts on us. It’s hard to not agree when so many people are affected by these violent episodes, regardless the excuses given as to why they did it!

If anything is to be done, unfortunately due to the Nervous Nellies on Capitol Hill, President Trump will have to be the one to rectify the situation via Executive Order. (Hasn’t that been the case for the most part, thus far?) One thing is for sure, he will have to end the Chain Migration via Monte Blanc.

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