Could This Potentially Be Our Last Election?

Its a staggering thought that many will scoff and claim it as hysterical. But is it? Not trying to burst your bubble but nothing is infallible – and in this day and age, Obama and Clinton have proven anything is possible. It’s all up for grabs to the highest bidder!

We are conditioned here in America to concentrate on little things. We obsess over which cellphone plan to purchase and which cable networks to watch. We’re a country of people whom have taken almost everything we cherish for granted – only to realize that gem when it’s in danger of being taken away.

Everyone is up in arms about the ICANN giveaway that Obama threatens – though it’s not his to give. Yet, people just took for granted for years that our Internet has become our way of life now. Twenty years ago, America Online was the thing and most used it to make new friends and talk to their old friends. Email was also a new postal service where we could communicate quickly without having to buy stamps, go to a post box or sit down and make sure our words were all spelled correctly.

We became accustomed to it, and with the invention of the Smartphone that changed our worlds, it became more mandatory and also taken for granted.

With the way the Democrats have been pushing us towards a North American Union with Canada and Mexico, can you really honestly say the European Union has worked out so hot? Indeed?

Should we be gobbled up into some country conglomerate, a global government will set our course. This undermines our Constitution and our sovereignty. In fact, with the way Clinton has threaten the First and Second Amendments, the Constitution will probably be disposed of altogether because, let’s face it, it gets in her way the same way it’s been inconvenient for Obama.

Is this what you want?

Yeah, I know, some are all about having the first … president but seriously? You’d rather be Europe right now for the sake of having a female president? One whose a proven corrupt criminal whom is more than willing to sell you out for her own self-enrichment as she tries desperately to be one of the illustrious one percenters she attempts to gin up envy towards? Seriously?

Hate to point out the obvious but that’s just not right thinking.

Imagine should she win the White House, the lawlessness that would permeate our society. Refugees raping women and throwing gay people off rooftops. This is happening in many European countries as I pen this article. The muslims seen on websites like the Guardian and BBC all show house pets being torched, violated sexually and thrown off roofs. Yet, people like Cher with a transgender son, promotes a woman who wants to bring 500K more of that mentality into America? Where has the sense gone?

It’s a shame we’re at this point now, but it’s not for lack of trying in both the Democrat and Republican camps. Speaker Paul Ryan is all for this unfettered refugee invasion and has said so at his own party’s nominee’s chagrin. Many within the establishment are getting big money to push these initiatives and sell them to their voting base. Yet, what has the beginnings garnered you so far?

Sean Hannity continuously touts the statistics daily about the 95M out of work and unable to find a job – not to mention some households where no one is employed at all. Home ownership is as low as it was when Ford was president. The recovery is at a place where it was when Franklin Roosevelt was president — we’ve dialed back eighty years! Yet, because of our toys (which we are graciously allowed to have) we don’t see the folks in 1945 were far better off than we are now – we just have more bells and whistles to ease our pain.

Don’t forget with that global economy and government comes global oversight, which will no doubt tell you what to think, feel and believe. No more individual inalienable rights the Founding Fathers bestowed protection for us. That will all be a thing of the past. Are you ready to forfeit your whole existence?

With Obamacare aka the Affordable Healthcare Act, a room of people who aren’t even doctors and have never laid eyes on you, decide what medicine the ‘insurance’ will pick up. If your meds aren’t on that list, “Oh well…” Talk about population control and reduction!

Yet, many are spouting that Clinton would be the first female president! Whoopty Do! Who cares if it means you forfeit your life and freedom just to be able to say that!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with a female president; however, it has to be a reasonably honest and smart one. Criminals who skirt the laws they’re supposed to uphold does not fit that descriptor. Not by a long shot.

So it’s really your choice, but you should know going in the real skinny. It could be our last election before the big crash. If you’re really that blind then you deserve the slavery you vote for. As for others, exit strategies are highly suggested. At least one good thing is still left. The UK voted out of the EU, there’s always England! If you’re going to live in socialism might as well go to a country where they were smart enough to get out of the EU instead of voting themselves to remain under that oppression where toasters and teapots were the big enemy while refugees raped and pillage in the streets!

Maybe you should re-read our Constitution before you forfeit those rights to make some Social Justice Warrior statement once again…

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