Coming Apart at the Seams…

It’s all unraveling right before our eyes. We can no longer deny the world that stares us in the face like a sabre tooth tiger. We have foolishly believed there was some explanation for all this apparent madness and now, we’re about to find out what’s in this memo we’ve been hashtagging to release.

Are we ready for this reveal? Apparently, folks like Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) don’t seem to think so — or do they? Is there something more? Are the Democrats fighting to thwart this release in the know? Has this been done to others that we don’t even know about? Illegal wiretapping, smearing a person’s good character using the FBI to do oppositional research against other candidates? Did the FBI actually orchestrate the Herman Caine situation? Has our Intel Community higher ups been abusing the trust we gave them besides this one time with Trump?

It would seem they have given the Democrats flailing in their BVDs over this memo. It seems they are very scared of what we’re about to learn. Is their political windfall projected for November imploding with every click of the tick tock clock? Sheer terror can be seen on Schiff’s face that goes well beyond his Manson eye stare. He is petrified. And from the sounds of it, he should be.

Now the today day…

As we all know, Andrew McCabe is now out of the FBI. The former Deputy Director’s wife took Clinton’s laundered money, conspired with Lisa Page and Peter Strzok to get some ‘insurance’ policy while brainstorming a way to prevent a Trump presidency.

Polls on whether or not he should get his pension, continue to circulate Twitter, but why is this even a question? Of course, McCabe should not receive anything for his traitorous machinations. As for the dysfunctional, spy wannabees, Bonnie & Clyde love birds, they should be out on their ears, standing in line on F Street, collecting their unemployment checks by now.

Now to a more somber note, it is now we see just what Donald Trump has endured to become our President. We are lucky – damn lucky. How many people would have the sheer perseverance to withstand illegal surveillance, spying, nay-saying, name calling, besmirching, demeaning, demonetization and vilification he’s survived through? The Media, Liberals, GOPe, all conspired to bury him, ruin him – but we the People saw through and continued to push for our beloved President.

It is by the Grace of God…

While not particularly fond of organized religion, I do believe there is God who guides us and opens up opportunities for us all. In this case, I’d say God has had a heavy hand in this situation because no one could or would walk through the ring of fire President Trump walks through everyday, all day long. Only God has to be steering this course.

Hence, why I pray and thank God everyday for Donald Trump.

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