Rokita Pushes SLAP Act: Is it Real or just a Totemistic Response?

In the wake of the Kate Steinle verdict, the Hill Republicans are now kicking heels on a bill proposed on January 10, 2017 which addresses the never-ending issue of... Read more »

The RAISE ACT: Smart Legislation for Modern America!

Smart Immigration needs to return to America. Ever since the post-Ellis Island Days, our immigration laws have progressively become so relaxed, many immigrants come to America only to become... Read more »

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PASSED! H.R.1215 – Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017

The H.R.1215 – Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017 just passed the House, which reduces the burdensome liability system within our health care delivery system. This measure goes... Read more »

The Choice Act

Just passed through the House now going to the Senate, the Choice Act to undo a lot of the Dodd Frank Banking Act that turned our financial industry upside... Read more »

Comey’s Big Day

Well, now that James Comey’s public testimony has concluded (for the time being) we can see the idiocy behind the psychopathic mind. It’s safe to asset, Comey’s brain is... Read more »

Comey’s Prepared Statements: The Script for Tomorrow’s Big Play!

Okay, kids, think about those words “Prepared Statement” and what images does this conjure in your¬†minds? Setting the lies straight before going before the Senate? Making sure nothing counters... Read more »

DOCUMENTS: Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement President Trump withdrew from. Read the agreement yourselves and you be the judge, was this really good for America? The Document Read more »