The Confessions of Congressman X

The building has a way of wooing even the most cynical person as it represents our government. Second only to the White House, it emulates our sense of the Constitution, puts us closer to our founding fathers… and now, unfortunately, corruption!

Congressman X is a fast read, but the pages are packed with the disdain most representatives feel about we the people. Starting with adjectives as ‘Sheeple,’ ‘Lazy,’ and uninformed, it comes clear as glass exactly what the congressman (a senior Democrat) thinks about us. And in many respects, his thoughts are justified. Most people do vote on their party line rather than looking at candidates for proven track records and integrity.

Perfect example is to look to our current election…Look at everyone rallying around Hillary Clinton – a person who is clearly unfit for the White House due to her criminality and blatant dishonesty about Benghazi, her emails and everything else in between. She’s psychopathic yet, many support and believe the mythological called the Right Wing Conspiracy. We all know it’s pure garbage yet, some of us don’t want to believe she could every be so bad, they wouldn’t want her moving next door much less leading the country.

He comes right out and admits, he’ll do anything or say anything to do his number one job, keep his position on the Hill. Cash is also king in DC. There’s no splitting words about it. Therefore, when Donald Trump says he’s not pandering to the Special Interest groups, he’s in a very rare sliver of a minority. Everyone on the Hill passes legislature with a wink, smile and handshake loaded with pay to play money. Refreshingly, he doesn’t parse words – he lays it on the line and tells it like it is.

Much of congressman’s confessions are nothing that most haven’t suspected. In fact, I’d be very suspicious if he said the Congress was all merry men and women, looking to fulfill some Mr. Smith legacy.

It’s a good read and short, so you can get through it in an hour. Worth reading, because while it’s a hard pill to swallow, much of what he says is true. It’s up to us to stop voting for people based on the D and the R — those who don’t hold any values and quick looking for the next quick fix. Those quick fixes only yield  nonsense, waste, abuse and most fail from oversight. Didn’t your parents every tell you there’s no such thing as a good short-cut?

The instant gratification voters along with big special interest donors dictating law are the reasons our Republic has suffered many blows. This book provides us with a cautionary tale; its time for voters to start looking and thinking outside-the-box and quit yammering about nonsensical things that are minutia in regards to the big picture items.

Give it a read, you won’t be disappointed – well, you will be disappointed but only in yourself…


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