Guilty As Sin

The latest offering involving Hillary Clinton’s criminality,  corruption and how she’s manage to dodge the legal justice system bullet penned by Ed Klein’s Guilty As Sin is a searing look at the investigation of her email scandal. Encompassing the Obama Administration’s meddling into the FBI’s investigation along with Bill Clinton’s now infamous meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in late June on an Arizona tarmac, the author illustrates the side we have not been privy.

Most began to wonder about the investigation’s integrity with FBI Director James Comey made his indictment against Clinton during his July 5th press conference, but then failed to close the deal by recommending criminal charges for adjudication. Playing judge, prosecutor and jury, his statements demonstrated a massive overreach of his purview as the Bureau’s only mission is to collect the evidence – not do all the rest involved in litigating/convicting a criminal.

As described by one of his friends, ” …he (James “Big Jim” Comey) can cut quick with a sharp remark and humiliate people. Then, when he sees they are injured by his remarks, he doesn’t seem to have any empathy…”

Through several inside connections within the Obama Administration and Department of Justice, Klein carries out numerous interviews with key people and informants to get to the bottom of this troubling era of our Criminal Justice System.

Oddly, his portrayal of Comey is somewhat bipolar because in a sense as he describes him as a driven, self-conscious man whose thirst for infamy and power rally most egomaniacs. He goes through his aggressive rise into public life as a prosecutor then turned corporate legal eagle. Then, switches to a more humanizing aspect of this enigmatic man by telling his nickname (Big Jim) and portraying him as a ‘man against the machine,’ aggressively pursuing Clinton in his investigation.

Dubbed by Obama as, “The worst mistake I ever did…” Comey’s dogmatic persistence and staunch Joe Friday/Elliot Ness morals resulting from his staunch Evangelical home life seems to put him in some hero light. However, in the end, we know he succumbs to the foils, toils and pressures of DC seeping in the corruption cesspool, with hopes of a new FBI headquarters donning his name. Bear in mind, had he put Clinton behind bars, that would’ve happened with the public’s consent as opposed to the big pay off to thwart justice most feel now.

…real heroes don’t sell out Justice to save their political skins…

Klein does hint to another investigation with the Clinton Foundation that’s still in progress; however, most Americans will have a ‘believe it when see it’ attitude due to Comey’s failure to deliver the goods on this obvious evidence-in-overload case against Clinton. As we all know from the months after his statements, much has come forth about her emails, the coverup and other crimes that clearly demonstrates her (and Comey’s) obstruction of justice and dishonesty.

Intertwined sidelines shockers and revelations come forth in between the Comey story like the fact that, given Obama’s blood feud with the Clintons, his first choices were VP Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to be the Democrat nominee. However, after the Clinton/DNC/Wasserman Schultz’s big cheat, he was stuck with Hillary. Klein states many sources relayed, Obama wanted her indicted and convicted for her gross negligence of our national secrets – which puts a bit of a light on a presidency marred by his crumbling legacy.

In general, Guilty As Sin gives a incendiary synopsis of an extremely complicated quagmire of corruption and political power plays.  Klein fully expects his unabashed expose will draw much criticism from Liberals and their RINO counterparts. As he stated on Sean Hannity the eve of it’s release, he agreed he would be vilified as in the past; however, readers must remember, the author is the former Editor in Chief of the New York Time Magazine before they went tabloid over this election. His lengthy list of New York Bestsellers makes it hard to just discount this offering as hearsay and conjecture. His contacts and sources are solid — as close to Obama and other figures as people aligned with his right hand, Valerie Jarrett, built from decades as a journalist prior writing bestselling books!

Worth the couple hours to read as it contains the most concise information collation from many angles regarding an investigation shrouded in mystery and enigmatically staggering result.

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