A President for the People

Wanted to share this private moment between a fallen hero’s son and President Trump. It’s moments like these that demonstrate the President’s love of both the People and our culture. His heart comes shining through to the point where even the most jaded media has nothing to rebut. Little Christian Jacobs got a meeting of a lifetime when he got to show President Trump his father’s grave.

Christian’s father, Sgt. Christopher Jacobs died in 2011 when he was just 3 months old. Today, he got to tell his story to the President and Vice President without using Twitter or any other form of social media/MSM filter. Instead, he got to show him his father’s grave personally and have a conversation with a man who can (and mostly will) change his world for the better.

Today during the Memorial Day festivities, President Trump and Vice President Pence illustrated what real presidents and vice presidents do for their country. We haven’t had one in so long, its almost like we forgot what it was really like to have someone represent us that made us feel pride and be proud to be an American. In reality, he was the only one I could see as president throughout the campaign but it’s moments like these that let me know, I made the right choice on November 8th, 2016.

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