Appetite for corruption continues…

As many of my readers are already aware, it seems the big Email Scandal has yet taken another most ugly turn.

On Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File last night, it was revealed by DC correspondent, Catherine Herridge,   FBI agents working on the Clinton Email Investigation, were forced to sign Non-Disclosure Orders (Gag orders).

Surprised? I should say not.

Another revelations was Herridge’s FBI informant said they believed former president Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch forged a deal on the plane that balmy day at the Phoenix airport where they just ‘happened’ into one another. Safe to assume, many Thornton readers already suspected this as such.

However, the most intriguing information that seemed buried among the goop about gag orders and clandestine meetings was this:

The DOJ raised the bar so high it was impossible for the FBI to meet the requirement to recommend criminal charges…

Read that line a couple of times and let it sink in!

This is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than any gag order, kids. This shows a clear cut collusion to make it impossible to criminally charge Hillary Clinton for her crimes against State. This piece of information should not leave anyone to guess as to what it meant and yet, many have ignored it – making the gag the big thing.

One statement says it all — and it would be good for Congressmen Jason Chaffetz, Trey Gowdy, Darrell Issa and Jim Jordan to get those papers and agents before they go missing, too.

Additionally, this goes miles to explains Comey’s bi-polar statement on July 5th. He laid out his case like a seasoned prosecutor before lowering the big boom!


Clear collusion to keep Clinton out of a criminal trial was their plan but because of their own clumsy bungling, Lynch and Clinton have just shined a brighter spotlight on something they wanted to remain hidden. Their assessment of the intelligence within our population is astounding as it  they believe we’re too dumb to see their corruption!

While Comey can’t choose nor change his boss – but we can in November!

It just gets better by the hour when we watch the continual journey to ruins of those in power…

Safe to assume, the jig is UP!

Stay tuned!

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