You know it’s a crazy day when…

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R) has never been a fan of Donald Trump. While during the primary, he was verbally truculent about Ted Cruz, he’s never minced words about his disdain for the New York billionaire crashing his party and having the audacity to run for the presidency. He is one of the Political Elites we often refer to as the GOPe.

He‘s a cuck with an “F” rating in the Liberty Scorecard on Mark Levin’s Conservative Review website. Meaning, you can’t get further away from our Constitutionalist than Graham. He’s always been a huge proponent of big government and one to look out for special interests at the expensive of the taxpayers while taking care of his own financial well-being in the process.

Over the 24-hours, Graham has been schooling the President on the workings of Senator hearings and committee agendas through media interviews on Fox News. While he says it was a ‘good day for the President,’ he’s doesn’t missed the opportunity to show his condescension towards our Commander in Chief with his snarky demeanor. He takes pride in telling the President (via interview without chance of retort, of course) that he needs to relax and let the system run its course.

What system is he talking about?

The one where fake sources provide fabricated evidence to start hearings on non-existent situations? Hmmm, if you remember, it was the Graham-McCain cabal that created that fake Russian Dossier on Trump with hookers and such so and sent it over to the former FBI Director and the press. Their involvement was hardly clandestine once people started putting together the nefarious chains of events and fact patterns.

Considering Graham is one of the ground zero participants in this farce to begin with, makes his support and words of wisdom to the President a slap in the face for Americans. Had he just ran a clean campaign against Trump and not reduced to getting retired MI5 agents to gin up all this fakery, this situation probably wouldn’t have evolved like this at all!

Is Graham trying to save his skin now that truth is coming forward? Is he trying to ‘make good’ with the American people who voted for and support Trump as he sees the proverbial writing on the wall?  It looks as though he’s talking a good death match but when all the truth comes out, has Graham done things for which he can be expelled from the Senate for?

Doesn’t Graham own some apologies?

If Graham had an ounce of sense, he would work overtime to right this wrong done not only to President Trump but everyone who voted for him — many of which are in his district. Both he and McCain have done enough damage and now, it’s time this toxic duo started making amends with everyone they hurt including us.

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