“You Blew It!”

For those who don’t have the 3+ hours to sit through the Oversight Committee Hearing regarding Immunity of Clinton’s Email Investigation with Comey, below is highlights from various video bloggers.

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Any attorney will tell you, it’s never a smart thing when a Congressman is questioning you and reading off his paperwork to refute what is before their eyes. This leads people to believe you’re being disingenuous which then leads to skepticism at best – downright lying at worse case scenario. It really doesn’t matter who you are, facts are facts! Law is law! There’s really no way to dispute the law when it’s written in black and white. Yet, that’s where we smell the flim-flam.

Great video from the Judicial Oversight Committee last week. Brilliant questioning by Congressman Doug Collins (R) from Georgia as he put FBI Director James Comey in a hot seat, finishing with the famous line, “You blew it!” A sentiment felt by many looking onto this apparent sham investigation.

Source: YouTube Channel Rep. Doug Collins

Here is his interchange with Congressman Trey Gowdy (R) from South Carolina. Bear in mind, he was a Federal Prosecutor who worked with the FBI in cases prior to becoming a Congressman. From the very first Oversight Hearing in July, it’s clear he is not buying the explanation for not recommending criminal charges.

“That’s not the FBI I know…” — Rep. Trey Gowdy

Source YouTube Channel Habibur

The most damning of the day where Congressman John Ratcliffe (R) from Texas last statement is most telling – and reverberates the thoughts of everyone else in America is seen in this following clip. It says it all and demonstrates all our frustrations about the this whole sham.

“Think the decision was made a long time ago…” — Rep. John Ratcliffe

Source: YouTube Channel 1791L

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R) from Utah also exposes lies told to the FBI.

Source YouTube Channel Story Time

It would be nice if Comey would regain some of his former moral compass and come clean as the subterfuge is not fooling anyone but no one is holding their breath!


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