Wilson & the Federal Reserve

The date was December 23, 1913… Democrat President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, placing the private conglomerate of bankers in control of America’s money. It was a brazen move at the time as America’s landscape was based in Free Market principle, but not entirely unexpected given both Houses were also controlled by the Democrats.

What it did was basically put bankers like JP Morgan into a power position over America’s currency with the ability to manipulate our dollar any way they saw fit. This was the beginning of the end of our monetary system, which was never meant for this type of control – control taken away from the free market and put into the hands of a chosen few.

Done under the guise of another possible financial crisis, Wilson resorted to ‘fix’ with government what Free Markets always successfully self-regulate. Instead of letting the market balance itself, as any Democrat, he forced measures that only made things worse. (See Wall Street Crash of 1929 below.)

Most Americans don’t realize the Federal Reserve is not in the government structure. Instead, it’s a privately owned entity consisting of the wealthiest of wealthy families whose lineage is still in tact to this day. These dynasties have manipulate everything from Wall Street to Main Street as it dictates the interest rates on loans, effecting every American and business. These interest rates affect the way  people buy homes, goods and services, start businesses, and pretty much anything to do with consumer and business ability to gain credit in order to do anything in their lives other than breathe. (Even though with Obamacare and the formulation of CareCredit, an argument can be made that credit even affects our ability to continue breathing!)

The Federal Reserve controls the Government, not the other way around!

It would not be a bad idea for people to begin learning our history in order to learn how things came to be as they are now. It’s been in the making for over a hundred years now – therefore, the tentacles are deep and run throughout every area of our lives.

Before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, America experienced the Industrial Age also known as the American Industrial Revolution, which ironically, made those who owned the entity wealthy. The Rockefellers, Andrew Carnegie,  JP Morgan, et al. made their money off the innovative paths forged by visionaries of the Nineteenth Century. Railroad magnets and kings of industry like Henry J. Heinz and Henry Ford, created businesses – some from meager beginnings – and thus, ushered into America a movement away from an agrarian society into our Golden Age of progress and technological innovation.

This was the era that America truly great – it set a precedent unlike any other country in history due to the volume of innovations coming out of this period. America inventors and visionaries were even taking inventions from other countries and creating better, easier practices, making those technologies more accessible to the common man.

An Example of Our Innovative Past…

An example of this is photography. Most people don’t realize that photography was one invention (other than the wheel) which opened up a whole new world for our planet as it provided, for the first time, a way to actually see what the President looked like – it allowed people to create visual memories of events. As time progressed, photography moved onto moving pictures, thanks to Thomas Edison,  George Eastman and, English photographer, Eadweard Muybridge.

Yes, the Nineteenth Century was exciting times and it made many very rich; therefore, when the Twentieth Century rolled around, the country thrived as invention continued to be king.

Democrats always ruin everything with Government Interference

Democrat ideology believing that government is always a better answer, just couldn’t resist putting the kibosh on such a thriving era, had to throw the proverbial mug in the wheels of progress while scaring the population into believing it was ‘for the best.’

While the devastation of the Federal Reserve was readily felt after Wilson’s signing, in the years to come, it reared it’s ugly head to produce things like the Great Depression after the Wall Street Crash of 1929, high interest rates in the Eisenhower and Carter years and other nuisances that hampered American innovative spirit and the Working Class to irk out a living to support their families without assistance from any government sector.

This graphic demonstrates the havoc reeked on America by the Federal Reserve (and all the government) interference in our supposed Free Market. If you notice, even during the Eighties, the Reserve managed to hold down the great progress made by business-friendly climate created by the Reagan Administration.

For more information, you can read about Federal Reserve history here, to see the reasoning behind the audacious move on the Democrats’ lot.

Remember, the only way to combat fake news is to learn real U.S. History!

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