Will Warren Get her Moccasin out of her Mouth?

The Left never ceases to amaze smart-thinking people who have a grasp – even a small one – on how economics works in America. While it gives folks like Stuart Varney (Fox Business Varney & Co.) something to talk about for three hours every morning, it can be very frustrating to most to watch people like Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) display their utter ignorance on news programs. It makes one wonder why Fox News even gives her any airtime at all because everything heard is a bunch of nonsensical rubbish.

In an interview yesterday with Bret Baier, Warren was asked if the Democrats took over the House next November, would they repeal the Tax Bill just signed by President Trump last December. She claimed, they would take out all the givebacks to the rich corporations.

Don’t know where Warren is getting her talking points but it seems they have completely missed the fact that all those tax givebacks have resulted in many companies giving hefty bonuses – when none were given traditionally – as well as raise their minimum wage without the need of state government minimum wage interference. Companies like Walmart – who have been traditionally painted as greed-infested, are kicking back to their employees to the tune of millions.

Remember, Walmart is known for fighting hard against unionization in its workforce and this is one of the very reasons why. If you recall the news many union companies are not sharing the wealth, probably because the unions prevent such gestures due to their hard line stance and past strikes which have angered many of the executives.

Another interesting noteworthy item is the fact that supposed altruistic companies like Target (transgender bathrooms), Amazon (Jeff Bezos) and Microsoft (supposed great benefactors to humankind) have not shared their tax relief wealth with their employees. Also, we’ve yet to hear from super-liberal Starbucks about any employee kickbacks either. These are the same companies who lead the ‘resist’ and are bucking everything Trump, yet they have also enjoyed the benefits of the corporate tax reduction. Where is their so-called altruism now when they have the money to forward to the employees who make their companies great?

Warren’s ignorance in all things economics is simply too hard to ignore. She basks in this fairy tale and has the audacity to go up against a news anchor like Baier to spout her insanity. It’s apparent the Faux Reservation in Delusionland where she was raised didn’t teach basic economics to the other faux Native Americans.

It’s a safe bet this will be the cadence the Left will continue to bark as we head towards the midterm elections. As loopy as it looks, this is their plan of attack against any conservative on ballets throughout America. Meaning, they will attempt to, once again, make you not see the obvious success!

Didn’t they try to do this with Hillary in 2016? How did that work out for the Democrats?


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