Why Would Anyone Use BleachBit?

The following video is a tutorial about this free open source software that was used on Clinton’s server to clean it for emails from her service as Secretary of State.


The question is the title. Why would anyone use BleachBit?

Another question is, why isn’t the Media discussing this more and questioning the ethics involved with such a provocative manner of handling information that belongs to every American? Only a handful of reporters and pundits have even questioned this new revelation, yet, it goes a long way to explaining many things about intent!

Another good one is, why isn’t Congress questioning this more? Sure, Trey Gowdy has gotten on the airwaves and discussed it for about a minute, but what is the Congress prepared to do in light of this new information?

Here’s the scoop on BleachBit…

As the tutorial states, you can delete files that you do not want to have any trace – no broken links, no hints of their existence – nothing. Unrecoverable files. Unrecoverable emails. Untraceable. It’s as if they never existed! Hence, the reason we’ve posted it for readers to hear for themselves what exactly BleachBit does and why it’s use was telling about Clinton and her team’s mindset regarding her home brewed server.

The answer to this question is quite simple – so simple a fifth grader can explain why Hillary Clinton did this to her system. While we don’t think she’s savvy enough to have executed this on her own steam, it is highly likely that she ordered this process to be done to all her devices to eradicate evidence. Tampering with evidence is a criminal offense.

The thought behind the move…

Speculation into the minds of criminals is always a heady subject; however, should Clinton had the forethought that perhaps one day, her email server would be under scrutiny – as it was illegal and she was well aware of this — wouldn’t it stand to reason she would instruct her IT person to do whatever means necessary to erase and destroy any evidence of criminality on her computers and mobile devices?

It shows clear intent to obstruct justice.

Follow me because I’ll be moving in a circular motion but if you listen, you’ll see there’s a point…

Logic Chains: Private Server. Server in Benghazi. Clinton Foundation. Special Access to Donors. State Department Stonewalling. Lynch & Clinton on Plane. DOJ fails to OK further investigation. BleachBit.

Does this provide Director Comey the intent he needs now or do we need to go further down the rabbit hole? How much further do we really have to go?

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