Why Iowa Lost Its Relevance Last Night… And No, It Has Nothing To Do With Trump!

By Thornton Crowe

Iowa’s horrific primary results proved a couple of things to the rest of the country.

First, there is too much importance put into the state – leaving me to wonder why one of the original 13 states is not the first.  Shouldn’t one of the FIRST states be the first to weigh in on contenders for the parties’ tickets? Don’t really know how Iowa’s ram-shod caucuses got their importance, nor do I really care; however, they clearly leave something to be desired. They leave it open for the Jury Syndrome where one or two people bully the rest into siding with a candidate over another and they can be rigged – like we saw last night – through operatives going from one rally to another, feeding attendees misinformation – in an attempt to garner more votes.Map

Second, there seems to be a lack of moral compass in the Democrat party because they voted for a woman who not only put their lives in danger, she lies shamelessly about it while she opened the door for terrorists to infiltrate this country.  The fact that Hillary Clinton broke double digits is disconcerting because she is well on her way to being indicted for crimes against the Country – not just individuals. I don’t know about anyone else’s books, but all my law books call this crime, Treason.

Third, Cheating – even on the Right – has become the American way. About Cruz’s trickery during Iowan and Carson’s assertions that cheating was a foot:

While I like Carson, I don’t think he’s a strong enough candidate to carry through to the presidency. However, the tweets he is talking about are very real. I’ve seen them myself. Furthermore, Cruz operatives also were at the Trump Rallies going around showing pictures of the Clintons at Trump’s wedding. This leads me to feel particularly indifferent to Cruz now because cheaters are no better than liars.

Fourth, Iowa doesn’t have a good record for picking the ultimate nominee on the Right. Bush in 80, Huckabee in 08, Santorum in 12. Therefore, the inflated emphasis on this state is highly over-rated. As we know from history, Reagan lost Iowa in 1980, but we all know what followed.

All in all, last night made a very damning statement against Iowa – and its importance in the primary process. Furthermore, it said a lot about America’s moral decay.

Iowa is NOT the end all!


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