Whose Mental Stability is really in Question Here?

Don’t you find it amusing these women want you to question President Trump’s mental state yet, they parade around the streets of many major cities, dressed like vaginas? Who here has the real mental issue?

It never ceases to amaze when the liberals – with all their misinformation and nonsense – enjoy to virtue signal the rest of us right-thinking people with their insidious machinations. The Women’s March is just another loony example of their complete insanity over President Trump. The real deal is this:

President Trump’s Administration has done more for women than the last four Administrations combined! And this is just in one year!

How, you might ask, has Trump promoted women?

Well, for starters, take a look at his most trusted advisors and you’ll find many of them are women! White House women like Hope Hicks, Kellyanne Conway, Katrina Pierson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, denote the Presidnet’s belief system. He holds a long history of purposefully promoting many to high-powered, influential positions – both in government and private sector business.

Second, he opened up $500M for women-owned businesses with the Small Business Association. This is an effort to forward women run businesses, giving them seed money needed to start their Dream Business. While some of the pussy-hat-wearing crowd don’t understand this, the truth is, this is propagating a great advantage for women in the workplace because now they have even better chances of being the ‘boss’ in said workplace.

The Real Mystery – or is it?

Signage like this one to the left, makes you wonder, are they just getting off saying ‘pussy’ in public? If so, it would seem the liberals are happy about shedding their political correct chains, just like the conservatives.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program: When one examines at his actions, President Trump is the ultimate Feminist-promoting president. Therefore, why the women sporting vagina costumes believes he’s an affront to them?

One can easily surmise its ignorance because, watching interviews with various marchers on news channels, most have not one clue what’s really going on politically due to the Media. Even worse, it appears these women have chosen to be ignorant. Their sheer animus for our President blinds them from anything positive he does for their own well-being.

Another argument is their synchronized messaging. These women are parroting back what they’ve been told to think. If true, they’re far from being real feminists as feminism promotes women thinking for themselves and not letting anyone (especially men) dictate their values! This verbal regurgitation is merely reigniting the 1950s sexual politics real feminist fought so hard to shed in the late Sixties.

It would seem these disgruntled females will eventually smarten up, but in many ways they’re trying to convince themselves of a multitude of untruths. Their misconceptions betray the real base problem with these roaming vagina gals and it’s they’re living in denial.

If walking around in a vagina costume is seen as being mentally fit, then we have much more to worry about than a Trump Presidency!

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