Is Israel Blackmailing America?

Crowenation sources have presented a stunning scenario that we thought we’d throw out to our readers to ponder as we get dazzled by fake victims and other Democrat/GOPe shenanigans and temper tantrums. Perhaps it will ease your mind or make you more aware of everything at stake in this election.

As the leaks continue to fall from Wikileaks with amazing speed, we are finding more information about Clinton’s dealings than most would care to admit (aka MSM). The days of secrecy are coming to an end with the promise of an All Hallow’s Eve surprise followed by a massive on All Saints’ Day dump.

In the midst of chaos, more than a few tips have come forth regarding Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu. Per our source, he has been blackmailing Obama and now Clinton to get additional aid for Israel.

Yes, you read it right —

While we see him as the United Nations’ underdog, the source leaks calls much into question.

Surely, you’ve heard of the video releasing on Halloween, showing former President BIll Clinton having sexual relations with a 13 year old on Epstein’s Lolita Express… Well sources have stated it is this tape, filmed on the Clintons’ anniversary in 1999 (while he was still our President) is the blackmail collateral being used by Netanyahu.

The source goes onto elaborate by stating, “The ploy was to extort more aid. If you look at the changes, Obama increased it by 40% and Clinton has promised to double it should Netanyahu and his ‘people’ in the States help her win the presidency.” Interestingly, Clinton points to the Russians as inserting themselves in our election, yet, encourages such intrusion from Netanyahu.

Many journalists like Bill Kristol – supposed Conservatives’ stock and trade – have used their influence to sway many voters to be #NeverTrump by claiming Trump is dangerous for America. In spite of his Reaganesque economic policies and ultra-Conservative Supreme Court picks, which makes Kristol appear illogical, when you factor in the Netanyahu bit, it makes perfect sense.

In fact, this could even explain a lot of the GOPe’s willingness to accept Clinton’s globalist bent rather than support the candidate the GOP voters have chosen to run for president!

Could this be true? Does it feel true? I guess we’ll have to wait to see — but it does look true at this point!

Just food for thought…

Around and around we go, where the blackmail stops, nobody knows!

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