Who’s Really Crazy?

This last week, we’ve seen a lot of nothingness with this new book, Fire & Fury, by a well-known gossip writer. Chopped full of salacious National Enquirer fictionoids, the author even admits most of it isn’t true but he wanted to write a catchy story.

Of course, the fallout from this is a severed relationship between the President and his former advisor, Steve Bannon of Breitbart. The spectacle has been quite amusing to watch as the Left has gone into an absolute frenzy, now questioning the President’s competency and mental state.

For those who didn’t remember or live through the Eighties, they tried the same thing with Ronald Reagan minus the overpriced, hardcover Globe. Many Democrats at the time, made wild claims just before the 1984 election, due to the former President’s age, he was unable to serve a second term. As history now tells us, not only did he serve, he continued to win marvelously and took down the Iron Curtain.

Fast forward to this week and we’ve seen the same old song and dance. Morning Joe Scarborough and his ilk have all clamored about Trump’s supposed mental disorders – questioning with feigned gravity. And then come the clowns as the House Democrats have even come up with this ridiculous story about a Yale psychiatrist who supposedly told them, in short, Trump is nuts.

Anyone whose had any dealings with the medical community will know, with HIPAA (1996) and medical license requirements, a real psychiatrist would never do two things: A) Discuss someone’s mental state without an extensive interview process with the subject and B) talk about findings even if that process had occurred with anyone as Doctor-Patient confidentiality prevents such a disclosure. 

Could it be the Left is scrambling because there’s nothing like the smell of Corruption?

We also learned through valid news outlets, the Clinton Foundation and Email investigations have been reopened by the Department of Justice. This could possibly explain the computer room at the Clinton’s New York home, burning beyond recognition after the announcement was made midweek.

Coupled with the politicization of the Mueller investigation and the Dossier that we now know was paid for by the DNC and used for FISA warrants to illegal spy on the candidate and then-President Elect, this week was horrific for the Left – much worse than the firestorm over mental health issues and tawdry Trump tales. Perhaps we can surmise the whole outcry over Trump’s mental health is nothing more than a smokescreen to deflect their wrongdoings and criminality.

Crazy Reality…

Looking at what President Trump has achieved over the last year, if he is ‘nuts’ then, by God, bring on the nut brigade because average Americans haven’t seen prosperity like this since the Reagan years. As for real mentally insanity, we need not look any further than the Left and their conduits for a plethora of examples of mentally unhinged.

Someone, please pass me the popcorn!

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