Who is Peter Strzok?

And better yet, why should you care?

He’s one of the men behind the curtain, pulling all the strings…

“Peter Strzok, as deputy head of counterintelligence at the FBI, was a key player in the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server to do government work as secretary of state, as well as the probe into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election.”

After the text message between Strzok and his gal pal, FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, demonstrate his Trump-hate and Pro-Clinton political stance, the world found out the politicization of the a bureau that’s supposed to be apolitical.

This type of FBI employee is the Deep State, folks. You can’t get deeper than this one. 

As of late, it was discovered through interviews with Catherine Herridge of Fox News, Strzok was responsible for a lot of the incredulous maneuvers to get his candidate of choice to continue her run for President. He was the one that insisted on the ‘intent’ factor which as most attorneys know, is next to impossible to definitively nail down. He was also the one who passed off the fake Trump dossier as a reason for FISA warrants to be issued for tapping the candidate, then President-Elect at Trump Towers. Reported today on Rush Limbaugh, it has been brought to light, he’s the FBI person who actually paid for the dossier by former M6 agent Christopher Steele.

The following video will tell you who Peter Strzok is and why everything you’ve heard to this point about Russians and Trump is all fabrications of the Deep State to impeach our duly elected president on no premise whatsoever other than they don’t want him to be the most powerful man in the free world.

If your enemies are speaking out on your behalf, you know something illegal is going on…

Another interesting reveal was today, Alan Derschowitz, a Democrat attorney who doesn’t support President Trump nor likes his agenda came forward to point out the illegality of this impeachment farce going on with Mueller’s camp.

The real deal is this, you can’t charge or convict the President for obstruction. He’s the chief guy at the Department of Justice, which falls under his executive branch.

Even though Strzok is still employed at the FBI, he’s been demoted and removed from the Mueller case altogether.

Are you satisfied or do you think he should be permanently outed from the FBI?

Better question, why has Mueller had this guy on his team in the first place? This we will look at in the next article…

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