Where Was Everybody?

Over the last week, Donald Trump expanded his upper campaign management while sadly, taking the resignation of his trusted advisor, Paul Manafort. This happening on the day when Trump decided to make an impromptu visit to Louisiana, an area that’s been ravaged by flooding due to rain.

The loss for the state is staggering with over 100,000 people displaced, 60,000 homes lost and 13 people dead while coffins from disturbed graves, float down the streets of Baton Rouge. Sounds like some post apocalyptic nightmare.

Clearly, this is the biggest catastrophe for the state since Katrina in 2005. However, even with newspapers begging for him to visit and remembering his damning remarks regarding former President Bush’s fly over, it seems Obama was too busy vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, hobnobbing with the rich and famous while playing golf, to be worried about doing his ‘presidential duty’ and Hillary Clinton took the weekend to ‘rest’ after her big week on the campaign trail.

Friday morning, along with his VP nominee, Governor Mike Pence, Trump arrived in Louisiana with very little fanfare. In fact, many in the media as well as Clinton spewed he did it for publicity reasons, even though he didn’t bring his press core with him and requested no press to be present during much of his visit. Democrat Louisiana governor, John Bel Edwards, stated there would be no photo op moments with him should Trump visit and he was demonstratively absent during the entire visit. However, in his statement, Bel Edwards’s office did say he was more than happy to take Trump’s money. (What else is new?)

Trump and Pence didn’t arrive empty handed.

What the media largely ignored is the duo came with an 18-wheeler filled with over 70,000 pounds of food, supplies and clothing for the victims in the washed out area, which they personally helped unload and pass out to flood victims – just like two ordinary guys (minus blue jeans.)

THIS is the Donald Trump New Yorkers know, respect and love. The altruistic man of the people who is willing to help when and wherever he can without the media hype.

After they unloaded the truck, Trump and Pence toured many homes as well as a local church and school. The damage was extensive and many lost everything. What few cameras were present were forbidden to go with him as he met privately with many families one on one. And during the tour, both were solemn as they surveyed the damage.

Many people interviewed after the visit were emotionally moved by his visit. In fact, when he arrived, many shouted they were glad to see him and, for a moment, forgot their troubles as he signed autographs and shook hands. What Donald Trump did for them was more than just bringing supplies, he demonstrated to them, he’s a man of his word! He follows through. He shows up and physically WORKS!

Since his visit, media still chastises him for his trip, claiming he did it for publicity even there was zero photo ops and pictures of the visit are scarce. Clinton has yet to make an appearance even though we now know her rest includes attending some ritzy fundraiser tonight in Nantucket, hosted by Cher.

Obama now claims he’s going down to Louisiana on Tuesday (most likely because of Trump’s visit making him look bad) – but for many Louisianians, they say he’s too late. And if you think he’ll bring anything with him or help unload trucks, you are going to be sadly disappointed.

For Hillary Clinton, her actions only further alienate her from voters as many are re-thinking their vote for her. Like the reputation she’s earned in instances like Haiti, it seems she’s more concerned about winning an election rather than actual human suffering.

As for Trump, many are saying he became the next President of the United States last Friday! I’d have to say, I completely concur.

Note: Just confirmed, the truckload of loot and truck were paid for by Trump personally and not from his campaign nor GOP funding.

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