Where was Pompeo?

It’s started already… Day One and already, “Houston, we have a serious problem…”

WASHINGTON, DC: This afternoon, President Trump had his first visit with the Central Intelligence Agency after his inauguration. Delivering his remarks, one couldn’t help notice someone was demonstratively absent from his entourage. Michael Pompeo – his appointee for CIA Director.

Why? Because, as Press Secretary Sean Spicer relayed during his fiery first press conference, the Senate Democrats are delaying Trump appointments, “playing politics over National Security.”

President Trump currently has only two of several appointments through Senate confirmation. Both were sworn in last night by Vice President Pence: General James Mattis as Defense Secretary and General John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security. Additionally, the Senate issued a statement that Monday, Pompeo will receive Senate confirmation, but we all know how deals can change at a moment’s notice.

Perhaps the Senate and Congress have failed to heed our voices on November 8th when we said, enough of the political malfeasance. Clearly, Democrats aren’t getting this message as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schemer has stated on many occasions that he will do everything he can to thwart the Trump Administration. This political game DC favors is nothing more than sour grapes from a party so unhinged, it doesn’t take time reflect why they’ve been on a severe losing streak since 2010.

Is this what we have to look forward to for the next four years?

A series of grueling filibusters with Republican leadership on the Hill not exercising the majority and mandate we gave them? One would hope not because we have a lot to do to get this country back online after eight long years of dismantling and fundamental changes.

It’s time for Republican leadership to start demanding results from themselves rather than playing with semantics and politicking. We didn’t vote for bipartisan hubbub, we voted to get things done!

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