Bill Clinton Dares FBI Director James Comey

It is no secret that many in America today are downright upset and angry for Hillary Clinton being let off the hook for her criminal email server at her home and the mishandling of classified information while Secretary of State. In fact, the public at large, has become very distrustful of the FBI, an agency whose reputation has been marred very few times in the recent century. Yes, there were issues like Ruby Ridge and Waco but, for the most part, J. Edgar Hoover and all he stood for was the bedrock of our criminal justice system at the highest level.


Therefore, after a damning indictment and prosecutorial statements of FBI Director James Comey on July 5th, it was staggering when he said the dreaded word, ‘but’ as we all knew what the but meant. Once again, the Clintons would get away with malfeasance and criminal behavior as they have throughout their thirty year reign of terror over Americans. We all thought Comey, a man with high integrity and ideas, would call Hillary Clinton on the carpet for her wrongdoing. Hence, the outrage over his failure to recommend criminal charges was staggering to most people in the know.

In fact, if you looked carefully at Comey during the press conference, he did not look like a man who was really believed nor happy about the statements he was delivering to the world with his failure to hold Clinton accountable. By all accounts from close associates, his conclusion was out of character for him, given the statements leading up to his final conclusion.

This was mirrored by his friends whom were all in total shock and amazement as they talked on various news shows after the presser was done.It sent a clear message that there was a double standard system of justice in America, regardless of his assurances there wasn’t and it inflamed many to call for his resignation. Basically, Americans lost faith in Rudy Giuliani’s protege from the US Attorney’s office.

After the ill-fated press conference and Congressional hearing, many new things have come to light about why Comey may have decided to break against his seemingly flawless record of right decisions. For one, Catherine Herridge from Fox News, released a damning statement that the Department of Justice had set the bar for evidentiary support for Clinton’s email investigation so high, it was literally unobtainable for them to consider indictment. Meaning, no matter what evidence the FBI found, it would not result in a criminal indictment on Lynch’s end, even though she claimed she would leave the decision up to what the FBI found in their investigation.

Second, many have speculated many connections between Comey and the Clintons. In fact, he did investigate Bill Clinton back in the late Nineties. However, then he didn’t indict him like he didn’t indict Hillary now. This further soiled his reputation as more and more the word has spread through social media about the previous Comey/Clinton connections.

Stunningly, last week, Bill Clinton gave a speech where he called the FBI “Full of Bull.” Oh, don’t look for it in the mainstream media pages or reports. MSM has pretty much rendered itself absolutely useless for real news these days as they pimp for Hillary without any abandoned or pretense. His brazenness is staggering considering he already provoke many by meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix for their clandestine meeting that no one buys was an ‘accidental’ happenstance.

Goading Comey, Clinton poked at him for even daring to investigate Hillary for her illegal private server – a provocative move considering, in the Clinton Foundation mess unfolding right now, he’s one of the key suspects along with his wife and daughter, Chelsea. Once again, don’t expect to see this in the MSM coverage as they’ve turned a blind eye to all things corrupt when it comes to the Clinton family – even though more and more Americans are waking up to their treason, quid pro quo money laundering schemes, using both the William Clinton and Chelsea Clinton Foundations to funnel ‘donations’ in lieu of government access and ‘favors.’

As we learned over the weekend from The Daily Caller, the Clinton Foundation is yet again under investigation in three cities – Little Rock, New York and Washington, DC – by the FBI because, once again, Loretta Lynch denied their request to run the investigation on a federal level.

How this will shake out between Clinton and Comey, only time will tell. However, I would never want to be in the Clintons’ position and shake that stick at a man who could potentially put them behind bars for the rest of their natural lives. It’s almost like a catch me if you can dare between Clinton and Comey.

Bill Clinton displays a type of cockiness is often found in criminals when get away with crimes time and again. This dare is a suicide pact of sorts and though we’ve not heard a word from Comey, it surely is grating on him due to his own uneasiness about the end result from the mishandling classified information and private email scandal.

Who will come out victorious in the end? Let’s hope for ours and the country’s sake, Comey comes out on top of this dare!

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