When Parents Go Too Far… Political #ChildAbuse!

Families are supposed to support one another — “Mother is the name for God in hearts and minds of young children…”

Or so it would seem… A video came to my attention this morning where a Texas mother threw her 8 year old son out on the street for voting for Donald Trump in a mock school election. The video seen here, while difficult to watch, further validates the damage the media and liberals have done to Americans. It demonstrates the anger and divisiveness that was predicated on lies, fears and hate coming from the Left not Right in our political arena.

Tchenavia so’juicii Stallworth from the Fort Bend, Texas area apparently lives in a large home within a nice neighborhood. When her son came home and she learned he voted for Trump, she verbally chastised him as she unceremoniously threw him out of the house. She continues to self-document the ordeal on her phone. Her taunts are so cruel local Child Protective Services is working with the District Attorney’s Office to bring this woman to justice for her cruel treatment towards her son. While the police have seen the child and he appears to be fine, local law enforcement are still very much engaged.

While she said this was a ‘joke’ it doesn’t appear to be one by both us viewers and the little boy or his brother who starts crying and is threatened at the end of the video. Some may ask why I would write on this, it stems from an incident I had over the summer where I heard a woman who teaches at a Christian school announce to a group of fellow teachers in a conference about how she would disown her child if they voted for Donald Trump. Another person, a top department head at a local university, chimed in that all Trump supporters were racists.

Since last summer and with his recent appointments to his new administration, people like those two educators are finding out the truth about Trump and racism – but that snapshot in time will be forever ingrained in my mind because the thought of disowning anyone in my family over a political difference of opinion is simply unacceptable. It tears at the fiber of a familial unit and all that makes America a very special place to live — a place where people are free to disagree and form their own opinions — or should I say, that was the general idea when this experiment began in 1776.

It’s a sad day when even in their safe spaces, should their opinions differ with their parent(s), a child has no support system as they become their own person. One can only hope Texas will help this child and his siblings a better place to grow up where a safe space is indeed, a truly safe space.


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