When One Investigation Ends, Another Begins…

Things are not always what they appear to be…

Over this last week, the Media made much to do about nothing as they made yet another attempt to smear Donald Trump when he tried to energize the Second Amendment voters to vote in November. It was all over the news as I’m sure many of you heard the four-day ordeal. The whole insidious nonsense even packed a knockout punch when the United States Secret Service reveal CNN blatantly fabricated a reprimand they supposedly gave Trump for his remarks.

Besides their ritual demonizing Trump, what was the story Clinton’s media buddies were really hiding?

Back in July, FBI Director, James Comey, gave a damning statement of Hillary Clinton’s character (and ability) over her private email server while Secretary of State, deeming her as ‘excessive careless’ with classified information. However, the punchline was he didn’t recommend charges to be filed against her for her gross negligence. Coming on the heels of the clandestine meeting between former president Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the timing of this conclusion was suspect at best – not to mention, he prosecuted Clinton before issuing the final blow.

Most of you thought the whole Clinton criminality thing had been put to bed. That is, until the Clinton Foundation became a lightning hot topic of discussion due to Wikileaks and other whistleblowers.

A few weeks back, I reviewed the book by Peter Schweizer, Clinton Cash and a week later, the documentary came out under the same title. In a nutshell, the author laid out some of the Clinton’s payola deals with various foreign countries – Bill got paid for making speeches while Hillary granted government access and large sums of money were funneled through the Foundation as ‘donations’ from many companies and international government interests. The whole government access for sale was blown open as the email server scandal appeared to wrap up. Or so it seemed…

Last week, while the MSM was obsessing over Donald Trump, a war was waging between the DOJ and the FBI which resulted in Lynch, denying Comey’s request to investigate the Clinton Foundation further. While many sources confirm this investigation has been very much alive for a long time, it was as not overt as the email server probe. It actually began after the agency discovered a server with Foundation emails and documents in the oddest place — the embassy in Benghazi after the terrorist attack which killed four Americans on September 11, 2012.

Now, bear in mind, payola is not only against the law – it’s considered high treason – which is subject to punishment which can entail the Death Penalty. (Think Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) It’s no laughing matter and law enforcement – especially the FBI – takes it seriously.

With the DOJ’s failure to approve the investigation, thinking he was in the clear – as Bill Clinton and Chelsea were also at the heart of this investigation – he truculently ostracized Comey during a speech this last week, stating the FBI was full of bull. Well, safe to say, he probably regrets making such a provocative statement now…

The big news hit the street Friday though many media outlets are still not reporting it due to it’s damning ramifications to their favorite gal pal; however, you can find it on some news organizations like The Daily Caller. Much to Bill’s chagrin, the FBI found another way to perhaps finally skin this criminal cat. Not only is the FBI investigation an ongoing one, it is now moved to three local agencies with the US Attorney’s office in full cooperation and decision-making power to decide whether or not to indict Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton for selling government access through both the Bill Clinton  and Chelsea Clinton Foundations.

This is horrible news for the Clintons as each US Prosecutor involved is notorious for not taking these cases lightly nor are they afraid to indict and prosecute the rich, powerful people. One in particular is New York run by Preet Bharara, known for being a hard, no-nonsense prosecutor and one Clinton should fear the most. While the other two cities are Little Rock, AR and Washington, DC, New York may be the downfall of the Clintons in swift order.

As one source put it, “…unlike Lynch, we won’t be seeing Bharara meeting with Bill Clinton on any tarmacs to ‘discuss’ golf and grandkids. Not only is he tough, he’s well-protected as he is known for prosecuting the worst of the worst in both criminal and white collar crime.”

It seems Comey still has powerful influence in his old stomping grounds as he was working for this same New York office when he indicted and prosecuted Martha Stewart back in 2003 – long before becoming the most powerful law enforcement officer in our government.

There is no doubt this is far worse than the email server and probably one of the real reasons why Clinton had a private server to begin with — to hid evidence of her quid pro quo malfeasance. Additionally, we also learned last week through an NSA whistleblower that the National Security Administration has all those deleted 30,000+ emails Clinton thought her clever attorneys erased without a trace. The source also confirmed, they are at the FBI’s disposal for their investigation, yet they did not confirm nor deny a request had been filed.

The source did add that one thing is for sure in this situation, intent will not even be a part of the conversation as the Clinton’s ‘intent’ is so blatant and obvious that even a third-grader could point it out without any problem.

Did he know this when he made his statements and testimony before Congress last month? Guess we’ll just have to wait for Director Comey’s memoirs to be published but until then, we have front row seats to the biggest bust of the most corrupt crime syndicates in our Federal government’s history. Richard M. Nixon and  Watergate have now been completely vindicated – it’s just a shame he didn’t live to see it!

Do you still wonder why it’s been over 259 days since Hillary Clinton held a press conference? If she has a good criminal defense lawyer, it’s no wonder!

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