When A University Goes Too Far…

A student in Texas is suspended for fifty-five days because of her post where she wrote All Lives Matter on Facebook yet Salisbury University doesn’t suspend over a lynching drawing that was circulated on social media…

What’s wrong with this picture?

Sethi-FB-Comment-1024x666Seriously, folks. The Radicalized Liberals are overrunning the country with this garbage and it has to stop. Attached is Breitbart News article about the incident at the University of Houston, where Rohini Sethi went on Facebook and corrupted Black Lives Matter with “All Lives Matter” in response to the Dallas Police shootings. (July 7th)

For her post, not only was she suspended but now has to go to a dippy diversity workshop and also has to issue an apology.

The University of Houston seems to take it upon itself to quash free speech!
Sorry, but this is NOT WHO WE ARE

The university is clearly in the wrong here and should be sanctioned by their Board of Regents. They have opened themselves up to a world of trouble. College age people should look at these incidents when making decisions about where to go to college. It’s a scathing and massive overreach on their part which violates students’ First Amendment Rights as protected by our Constitution!

Should any other university get any bright ideas, warning: David Webb has come out and said this student needs to get a lawyer and sue the college! And, frankly, I wholeheartedly concur.

Black Students’ Response:


As for Texas, I expected more from you!

The Article: Breitbart News

— TC

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