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As many of you know by now, the Clinton campaign is trying to sell voters on this nonsense about the email server investigation is not reopened. That is absolutely FALSE!

Here’s the facts and how this came about…

When Huma Abedin worked with the State Department, due to having a hard time printing documents on the state.gov secure printers, she forwarded her emails from Hillary Clinton to her Yahoo account. This she told the FBI last Spring. In doing so, the emails by way of ‘the cloud’ the emails were copied onto a shared computer she had with her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner. So this is how the emails the FBI reopened the case over got to be a part of this current upheaval.

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In another WikiLeak email on John Podesta’s account, it was revealed that Jake Sullivan also forwarded many of emails to his personal account as well. The emails contained information about the “bringing down the Qaddafi regime.’ See image!

They were detected by the New York FBI office, which is currently investigating Weiner for sexting a 15 year old and alerted the DC office/Director James Comey on Thursday that they found these emails on the Weiners’ computer. Knowing these are part of the 33K deleted emails, this reopened the case because they contain a plethora of information that, up until this point, was thought to be unrecoverable due to Clinton’s computer contractor Platt, using BleachBit to remove them from her computer system and her assistants hammering her phones.

It has been confirmed that Abedin has now ‘separated’ from the Clinton campaign and was not traveling with her yesterday. This is another indication that things are going south in Hillary’s new world reality.

Incidentally, Abedin also got immunity when the previous investigation; however, due to the revelation of these emails on her home computer and the fact she didn’t relay their existence to investigators at any time, null and voids her immunity deal. Therefore, Abedin may be facing a litany of criminal espionage charges with her boss.  As of last night, she has requested new immunity but no word on whether Comey will grant such a request given the violation of the first deal.

The word on the Hill is Yahoo News is promoting a falsely generated story about the war between the Department of Justice and the Bureau, saying they do not have/will not give the FBI warrants. Many sources have affirmed, warrants are not needed in this case due to the fact the emails came to light under warrants for other cases – and are being handled by the same investigative body. Furthermore, this is completely generated by the Clinton campaign to deflect not only the prior case being reopened but also Podesta WikiLeaks about to be dumped along with the October 31/November 1 dumps of the above mentioned emails and damning videos featuring Bill Clinton in addition to the ongoing Foundation investigation.

Additionally, contrary to Clinton’s complaint of partisanship, the letter was sent to ranking members of both parties on the Senate and Congressional Committees. Another decisive action on the campaign’s part to mislead voters about the nature of the case and the FBI’s intentions.

This situation continues to heat up because Comey made this decision without counsel of the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. In fact, he was ‘warned‘ not to come clean with Congress due to the election. He felt it was his duty to inform Congress of this new development because, on October 6th, he testified he wouldn’t be reopening the case unless staggering information came forth to warrant such an action — much to many of the Judiciary Committee’s chagrin.

Basically, in July when Lynch took herself out of the loop because of her clandestine meeting with Bill Clinton in Phoenix, she left the situation up to Comey to be the decision-maker. Hence, any resistance is minute at this point. She deferred her power to him in this matter; therefore, her ‘rhetoric’ is not a factor anymore in this instance.

FBI Director James Comey

Bear in mind, the letter from Comey to Congress also validates the existence of another investigation of the Clintons — the Clinton Foundation has three investigations right now: New York, Arkansas and District of Columbia. The three cases were opened in August after the DOJ failed to picked up the Foundation case due to political reasons. The Federal Prosecutors in these three areas, one being Preet Bharara – are still active and it is also believed that some of the emails found are also related to those cases as they involve quid pro quo things like a pipeline through the Middle East which enriches the Clinton Foundation.

The cesspool of Clinton corruption continues to unfold as the hours tick by and even though the campaign is now in panic meltdown, polls today are indicative of last week’s situation prior to this stunning Comey/FBI development.

In a poll taken yesterday, over 30% of the likely voters for Clinton have indicated this situation now is heavily being weighed in their decision to vote for her – a finding that’s not all that surprising. Therefore, we can expect in the next few days as more WikiLeaks continue to drip along with DCLeaks and, now termed, DickiLeaks, will have a grave impact on her ability to win – as well as end up in an indictment for a multitude of charges.

On a side note, the 33K emails have been verified to be about communications between Obama and Clinton regarding much of what really happened in the Middle East as well the plans to self-enrich by BOTH from deals! More on this as details become more finite!

More to come as the next week unfolds…

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