What the First Debate Told Americans about Hillary Clinton

Last night presidential debate held one interesting tidbit that may have been missed by many.

Democrats have always tout themselves as being economically savvy when it comes to regulatory and legislative nightmares they enforce on America business. The truth is they have done more harm to the business community with their nonsense, yet seldom does the public see the cause and effect of their insidious policy making.

One takeaway from last night was a stunning revelation that Hillary Clinton has not one clue about business or about how Capitalism works.

Her policy is really simple: Status Quo. But can Americans and Corporate America really continue these failed status quo policies? Probably not. If anything it’s resulted in stunning statistics that rally the ones found during the Great Depression after the market crash in October 1929.

She’s not alone thinking that half-baked, half-executed Keynesian economics works. Franklin D. Roosevelt used the same thought and the result is historically noted that he prolonged the Great Depression an additional decade. It wasn’t until the Second World War that America was pulled out of the quagmire he created with the New Deal – which most legislation was overturned by the Supreme Court because it was unconstitutional. Hence, why FDR tried his court-stacking but, luckily for us, that proposal failed miserably.

Kids, the fact is, Hillary Clinton made it painfully obvious she has never started or operated a small business in her life. What can you expect? She’s been living a taxpayer parasitic existence since her old stomping ground days in Arkansas. She played at being a lawyer for a spell but all in all, business is something she’s never had any direct participation. Instead of running a business, she’s participated in holding American Business down through her global warming initiatives and high tax rate propagation.

Remember when she promised New Yorkers she would create 100K jobs while running for the Senate? What happened? Nothing. In fact, due to America raping North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA,) New York actually lost many manufacturing jobs. This isn’t even touching hotbed items like the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) or Trade in Service Agreement (TiSA) which basically legalize slavery again for all American workers while shipping what’s left of big business off to lands faraway!

Last night during the debate, when Donald Trump talked about touring the areas economically raped by foreign trade policies, regulation overload and taxation hell, she looked like a doe in headlights. It was completely missed on her and she didn’t grasp (still) that government is responsible for the large share of manufacturing leaving America; hence, putting people out of work.

With almost 100M people now unemployed – some of which have given up even looking for work due to the weak job market – this is not a good miss in information a candidate running for president. It’s certainly not prudent to be heralding Obamanomics as a success given that most of the Middle and Lower class America has suffered greatly from it’s so-called legacy.

Another stunning factor is, she laughs off his proposal to lower taxes for everyone, including business. We have the highest tax rate for businesses in the world. Couple that with the regulations and EPA unfettered reign, it is most unattractive for any business to stay in America. Therefore, many are moving to places like Mexico and China because their governments are business friends! In fact, China, while Communist in social governance, practices Capitalism more than America as of late.

Her policy page on her website states she’s going to raise taxes on Business and everyone else, too. The everyone else, too, bit is buried under fancy language but the math is not subject to oracle trickery. She’s keeping our taxes high while escalating taxation for business. Furthermore, she intends on raising the Death Tax from 45% to a whooping 65%. Bear in mind, this Death Tax imposed by Obamanomics has has destroyed thousands of family-owned small businesses and farms because heirs can’t afford the taxation to transfer ownership. And she thinks this is a good thing?

For a candidate that claims she’s going to create jobs and get the economy rolling again, she certainly lacks the know-how, experience or even rudimentary understanding that Capitalism and Socialism are at two separate ends of the economic spectrum. (Wait, she’s been saying Obamanomics has been brilliant so why would she get it rolling ‘again’?)

Unlike Capitalism that proffers free markets and the ability to make profits which correlates into asset and job growth, Socialism spends rich people’s money on poor people. I believe Ayn Rand called this force altruism. And Margaret Thatcher’s most infamous quote: “The problem with Socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money!”

Hence, it’s not been a big success in other countries, so why does Clinton think it will be good for America now? This just lacks good judgment and basic common sense.

It’s a known fact from history, when America is strong economically, the world prospers. And it’s probably why a world poll publicized last week shows 77% of the world leaders want Trump to be our next president – including Japan! They know Clinton doesn’t have a clue about what to do to make us prosperous again! Remember, like us, they’ve also seen the disaster of the last thirty years plus they also know she’s treated our assets (i.e. the big Russian uranium sale) like it’s her personal yard sale.

Sure big Business and Wall Street seems to have parked their ponies in her stable; however, they enjoy the cheap labor she promised them through the refugee/illegal alien invasion. Who pays for that cost? You, me and every American out there working or looking for work! While refugees and aliens are getting good jobs, we’re pounding the pavement looking to meet rent (not mortgage) and feed our kids. But this jaunt is for another article altogether…

Clinton also chastised Trump for his business debt – a huge indicator she’s never run a business because most corporations and businesses carry debt. It helps off-set profit margins but its also unavoidable in some cases. There are many debt structures that incorporate quarterly or yearly payouts for one reason or another. This is common practice in American Business and I have to wonder if this made her buds at Goldman Sachs a bit nervous as their debt/profit ratio is set up the same way.

Furthermore, the people she claimed he never paid… Where are these people and why haven’t they been on every news station from here to Beijing? Usually when someone’s been given the big shaft, they squeal like a pig. So why haven’t any of these nameless people done so? Also, when you’re in business as long as Trump, you’re bound to make an enemy or ten along the way. This is human nature – common sense kind of stuff that everyone watching the debates should see for what it is: Subterfuge.

Best advice for Clinton is, go get an MBA in Economics and Business before the next debate because, quite frankly, she’s making herself (and her economic [sic] advisors) look utterly foolish and grossly ill-informed.

Get informed and vote responsibly!

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