What? NYT Paid NO TAXES?!

The story broke earlier this afternoon on Breitbart, the New York Times did not pay taxes in 2014 – and that’s after making how much profit? $29.9M smackaroos. And, they got a REFUND of $3.5M! Wow! Just stunning…

Meme from Twitter today after discovering from Breitbart that NYT didn't pay taxes in 2014. Look at the Refund!Click to Enlarge
Meme from Twitter today after discovering from Breitbart that NYT didn’t pay taxes in 2014. Look at the Refund!
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Once again the NYT ends up with egg on its face as it tries to do the big smear job while carrying water for their gal pal Hillary. Perhaps they should’ve checked with their own accounting department and bank of tax attorneys before trying to class bait America with garbage stories. Just ridiculous in every way.

So much for actual responsible journalism!

It was bad enough their big tax discovery was from 1995 – a year where Bill Clinton was the president. Like said in a previous article, this is more damning for Hillary Clinton than helpful considering it was under her husband’s watch.

Furthermore, words like ‘could’ throughout they article, they proved they didn’t have the real goods and were just wasting people’s time. Time this country doesn’t have at this point for their immature pontificating falsehoods.

Is the NYT really trying to drive home the fact they’re irrelevant now? Their shameless pom-pom team is stunningly idiotic and an insult to voters whom take this election very seriously.

As for Trump’s taxes, more than 77% of the people aren’t concerned about Trump’s taxes – in fact, they’re more interesting in his ability to generate jobs and wealth. Most wouldn’t pay taxes if they had their ‘choice’ but that’s for another story…

It’s sad when the NYT injects itself into the political arena when they have absolutely nothing concrete or fact checked. It really cheapens their already-badly tarnished image in the eye of most Americans. In several polls, the media has less confidence than Congress with most Americans. At this time, they’re looking like they’re around 3% favorability among the public. Most do not even believe their rantings anymore — and this is proof as to why!

Maybe¬†the next time they want to carry water for Hillary, they’ll make sure they have the water in a pail rather than a thimble.

Carry on and Keep Cheering!

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