WHAT NOW? Do Early Voters Get A Recall?

Okay so by this point, everyone knows that Clinton’s Email Server investigation is now REOPENED (Eureka!); the question comes to mind… NOW WHAT? Do early voters get a recall? Don’t they get a redo considering they cast their ballots for Clinton without having the WHOLE story?! They should! Immediately.

With the WikiLeaks troves of treasures beyond belief over the last twenty-one days (thus far,) we now know Clinton’s people were hiding emails from and to President Obama, freaking out about the private server’s existence, and many upset over Obama’s fable when questioned if he knew about Clinton’s server ahead of the public.

Does FBI Director James Comey know the remaining emails about to be dropped over the next days leading up to the election? It is seen that WikiLeaks is still not done, there’s literally thousands of Podesta emails left to be dumped to the public.

Comey issued a statement to Congress around ten o’clock this morning, the FBI reopened their investigation due to emails found in a separate investigation in Anthony Weiner’s email. Finding additional emails, this spurred them to this new action just eleven days prior to the big Election Day. Quite a provocative move in timing, if many of you remember, in early October, he declined to entertain reopening the investigation when he testified in front of the Congressional Judicial Oversight Committee after new evidence was found regarding Combetta and the BleachBit situation on Reddit.

According to FBI inside sources, Hillary Clinton may have tried to work out a deal with Benjamin Netanyahu in which aid to Israel would increase by up to $10 Billion ( from current $38 Billion) in exchange for sizable “contributions” to the Clinton Foundation.

Anthony Wiener, it is rumored, took credit for suggesting his connections in Israel helped to bring both sides to the table. Wiener has been a tireless advocate for Israel, as has Senator Chuck Schumer. If Hillary Clinton secretly negotiated a pay to play with Israel, relations with Israel will doubtlessly be impacted.

Donald Trump at a rally today (one of three,) he reiterated what he’s always said about Clinton’s criminality and corruption. He made it clear that he was glad the FBI has reopened this investigation.

Should you vote for Hillary Clinton at this point? What do you think?

Under Federal Criminal Investigation is by no means a good thing…. Not even close! Why vote for someone who could end up going to prison. Do you really want Tim Kaine as your president? Mr. Joker gone all things wrong. Seriously?

The Media now looks like complete morons. Sorry, but it’s true. MSM sold it’s collective soul to sell Americans on a CRIMINAL who was steeped in more corruption than a combination of Tammany Hall, the Teapot Dome and Watergate all wrapped up into one big taco, times four billion, divided by infinity. Shamelessly, even now, they are trying hard to downplay the situation which is like trying to catch a deluge in a thimble. IMPOSSIBLE! There’s simply too much now to ignore the Clinton Criminal Network. No matter how you slice it or dice it, there’s no getting around it, we’ve been saved by some divine intervention!

We’d better thank our lucky stars for people like Julian Assange, the folks at WikiLeaks and James O’Keefe with Project Veritas who had the guts to do what our sorry excuse for Media didn’t have the gall to do! Tell the TRUTH and expose the Reality in spite of the smashes and dashes hurled at them by Clinton and her criminal network goons (including MSM hacks.) Without them, we would’ve never known! We would’ve been in the complete darkness!

Note: At no point in our history has a candidate for the presidency been under a public Federal Investigation dealing with Criminal Acts. Never. We’re watching history unfold before our eyes. Fasten your seat belts, it’s about to get very real!

This is the hugest take down in our entire history. And we are here on the front lines with popcorn and big Slurpees, waiting for all the heads to roll. Don’t forget, kids, we still have October 31st and November 1st reveals that will shock us shock us shock us!

On a personal note, I am elated to see James Comey do the  right thing. Better late than never. For that, I am thankful! (As I’m sure most of my readers are, too.)

PS To Elizabeth Warren: Nasty Women GO TO JAIL, TOO! You can take that to the Bank, Princess Little Big Mouth!


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