We’re Out!

In the White House Rose Garden, President Donald Trump has announced we are officially out of the monetary quagmire of the Paris Climate Accord. After the announcement, the market immediate escalated as the NASDAQ, S&P and DOW demonstrated the market’s approval of the US leaving this heavy handed mandate on our economy.

Closing at 21,144.18 the market reflects confidence in the President’s economic plans and strategies, meaning more investors are willing to push money back into the market, correlating into job creation and a push towards a booming economy.

In the speech, President Trump reiterated the importance the American people, stating, “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

In a detailed announcement, he spoke of the nuts and bolts, showing the Paris Climate Accord was a bad deal for American and our economy all the way around as it promised the US would pay billions and yet, no other large country has obligated to do the same. This was a redistribution of wealth and we were on the losing end of the deal.

Furthermore, he assured that he was open to a renegotiation of another deal but was willing for the US to “go it alone” if need be.

UPDATE: The UN issued a statement indicating their disappointment towards President Trump’s decision. This is probably not going to be last disappointment for the UN as this president doesn’t buy the propaganda we’ve been fed about their initiatives and constant interference in our affairs since the Bush Sr. era.

The Video from the Rose Garden

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