WATERGATE: Not Exactly a Russian Story…


The other day during Comey’s hearing, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) mentioned Watergate and attempted to ask FBI Director James Comey to explain whether or not he knew about the incident in our presidential history. Unfortunately, Schiff proved he didn’t even understand what happened during the early 70s in the White House and how it was a criminal act. In fact, it seems Democrats who engage in these actions are seemingly ignorant of what really went down. It’s a pity Hillary Clinton was too busy destroying evidence when she worked on the investigation, rather than understand what went on and how it led to Richard Nixon’s resignation.

A Matter of Political Espionage…

Yes, the Plumbers – created by the Nixon Administration financed by the Committee to Re-elect the President, consisting of Gordon Liddy, Howard Hunt, James McCord and Chuck Colson. They were an off-site group whom hired a group of operatives (professional agents) whom did get busted for breaking into the DNC headquarters in the Watergate complex. However, it was only the initial event that led to a bigger scheme, much like Obamagate has become with the wiretapping and ‘incidental surveillance.”

Through many twists and turns, it was found, under Nixon’s orders, many operatives were hired to do much more than just break into the Democrats’ headquarters. There was gross overstep and abuse of executive powers involving such criminal behavior like leaking psychiatric reports on certain targets in order to gain influence over said targets. In one case, their target was Pentagon Papers’ leaker, Daniel Ellsberg, whose psychiatrist, Dr. Lewis Fielding’s Los Angeles office was broken into in order to gain access to Ellsberg’s file. Legally, this can be construed as a malicious act as someone’s personal psychiatric ‘confessions’ are supposedly sacred.

The Plumbers were tasked to stop leaks coming out of the White House which were causing Nixon grave concerned. As many know, the President enjoyed almost as truculent relationship as the current administration with the press. Therefore, his distrust of leaks was on a high level, hence, he tasked Liddy, Hunt, McCord and Colson with the task to ferret the leakers out and quiet them, whatever way they chose to do so.

Not the same Deal…

Where Schiff really seems to lack any grasp is Russians and other outside agents were not used for the Watergate fiasco. Hardly. Even the FBI, IRS or CIA were not used to forward the president’s purpose (unlike Obama) but a group of people hired for their spy abilities. In many ways, Watergate activities were no different than any administration before Nixon’s or since. Not saying that it’s right or moral, but it is not uncommon practice nor unique. Many presidents use the techniques, the difference between others and Nixon is they didn’t get caught and then lie about it to a federal grand jury.

With Watergate, the reality of politics was finally displayed for the public to see and even though others since have also engaged and it continued through the last administration, it is usually done relatively quietly unless their targets become vocal with Congress, like the Tea Party did with the IRS targeting. Most times, people are way too intimidated by these actions to ever mention them because, as we know, whistleblowers are often not protected from harm in many situations. Unlike many whistleblowers today, Mark Felt, aka Deep Throat, wasn’t reveal until his death, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward kept his identity a secret for decades.

In the end, Nixon was never adjudicated for any crime because of Gerald Ford’s pardon, but he did resign knowing he would likely be impeached for lying to a Federal Grand Jury, investigating the Watergate scandal and refusing to turn over the ‘smoking gun’ call tapes to the investigative body. Many saw this as a miscarriage of justice and it certainly overshadowed all the good he did as president. Now, many historians have begun to revisit his presidency and relaying those good deeds but people like Schiff like to keep the black tar in Nixon’s legacy out in the public, front in center, to throw shade on all the Democrats’ misdeeds in the years since.

Not Uncommon…

It is not uncommon for both parties to spy on one another and gain (or create fake) intel on the opposition. Why? Because at the end of the day, re-election is paramount. It keeps people in the ‘career’ of being a politician and helps them live on the government dole, gratis the taxpayers. Yes, they play dirty tricks while we the taxpayers pay for their shenanigans. If you look at most politicians, producing tangibles is not really their deal. Their job is about trying to one-up and out-do in order to stay in DC as long as their constituents are humored with small gestures rather than tackling any big ticket items. Hence, why Donald Trump resonated with many Republicans, Independents and Democrats who crossed over to vote for him. He is a doer not a talker.

Unlike what happened with Wikileaks, Watergate information was not disseminated to the press; however, it was designed to have information on opponents to be used at opportune times to stunt any momentum. With Clinton, she never truly had any momentum because of her general lack of any message other than “hate Trump and his supporters.” The press had falsely boosted her poll numbers as a way to social engineer people into believing she was doing much better than she actually was – this before and after Wikileaks released the emails believed to be leaked by DNC operatives. Perhaps Seth Rich…

It was shown through the DNC leaked emails, this Russian meme was created by the Democrats themselves in order to marginalize the then-candidate Trump from gaining any acceptance in Middle America; even though the Red Scare (and baiting) ended decades ago with the Cold War. The reveals within those emails was not the making of the leaker but the leakees as they were trying to generate fake news to deceive and mislead the public – tricking voters into electing for a sub par candidate who didn’t even deserve the nomination much less the presidency.

In truth, to say the Russians were somehow involved in the election or any hostile acts against Hillary Clinton is more like wishful thinking because the reasons would be much easier to accept for her followers than her own criminality. Schiff and his fellow Democrats can throw around Watergate all they like but the fact remains, their side has used those tactics in far more frequency and far worse than any Republican whose ever held any elected office. Their corrupt past is notorious but they’ve shielded it from the public through high-brow rhetoric and downright dishonesty with conviction.

More on the history of Watergate in days to come… so you know the difference between Reality and Democrat/Media Fiction… In the meantime, if you want to learn more about this important part of American History, please got to the Gerald Ford Museum Watergate Files Site and do your own research!

Your best defense against Fake News is Knowing History…

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