Wag the Dog Moment #1

Our good friends at Victurus Libertas have brought a serious matter to our attention this morning!

Not being one for conspiracy theories, this one can’t go without some commentary because its so irresistible, it’s impossible to pass up.

We all remember the Hillary Clinton rally in Greenville, NC this last week after her whopping big three day convalescence while down with supposed pneumonia. Well, it seems we may be privy to an elaborate scheme here as VL has eloquently pointed out on the video below!

Below the Video, I have posted pertinent images that correspond. You watch and be the judge. Are we witnessing Wag the Dog in real life — not on a movie screen? It would seem it’s an interesting thought to Ponder, no doubt!

VL is asking some very viable questions here… and we should all be watching Clinton with skepticism as we all know her penchant for deception. Furthermore, go to VL’s YouTube Channel as he has much insights that we also cite here on Crowenation!

I’d say this is the worst film crew in the history of film production – even film school students can produce better productions then this farce!

Yes, Mrs. Clinton, we’re aware this is the American Flag, the question is, are you?

Disgusting and disturbing!

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