VP Debate: Face the Nation Meets Jerry Springer

Most people usually don’t look to the Vice President’s position as a most important one during an election because we never want to think of the unthinkable when it comes to a presidential administration. However, in history, we’ve had a few occasions when the VP was tasked to step into the President’s shoes and finish their administration’s job and agendas.

There’s a stark difference between common and dignity…

Last night, we got a glimpse into two men whom have been relatively quiet as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton duke out their differences through Twitter and Rallies. When saying ‘relatively quiet’ this mostly applies to Tim Kaine as Mike Pence has been traveling widely to hold rallies and meet with people all over the United States.

Unfortunately for the Clinton campaign, Kaine was not so quiet last night and came off, appearing bullish, hawkish and completely delusional and out of touch with America.

We had two types of debates going on — one was a Face the Nation verbal discourse where issues and solutions were key and the other was a Jerry Springer episode. While Pence was obviously there to forward his own message to work on solutions for America’s woes, the latter was perpetrated by Kaine. At many points, between the rude interrupting and being told constantly not to, I was actually waiting for him to kick his shoes off and go in for a physical throw down to fill out his rowdy get down in the mud brawl style.

Complete disconnect…

Today, it’s fairly hard to defend the failing economy, destructive Obamacare, bad foreign trade deals, sagging job market and general divisiveness in our world. It seems every night we see riots, police involved shootings, BLM screaming and threats of terrorism permeate our televisions and Twitter feeds. Our world is in a complete disarray and it’s so obvious, it’s frankly, hard to ignore – even for the most uninformed voters.

Yet, even with all these issues, Kaine’s entire stance during the debate was to hit with insult after insult, peppered with false narratives and gross misrepresented over-exagerations that made him look ridiculously fake, scripted and a person whose not been living in America since about 2006.

While admittedly, it’s hard to defend a badly flawed candidate like Clinton with all her corruption and criminal baggage, Kaine failed to irk out his own personality – but instead, cultivated hers. He doubled down on things every American knows is unlawful and corrupt. Furthermore, his immigration stance is completely pre-9/11 mentality that led to the atrocious event.

Additionally, like his running mate, he displayed a complete lack of any understanding pertaining to business and taxation as he rattled away, endlessly pushing the tax issue to the point where in my living room, he was close to being muted!

On this point, Kaine failed miserably to connect with most people while appearing to have no grasp on policies or solutions. His truculence was stunning and certainly one we can all make guestimations as to his governance deficiencies. He also proved the

Democrats really don’t have anything to offer Americans anymore. No policies to make lives better, no substantive stances towards immigration or the economy or even provide us with proper representation with other world leaders. He also perpetrated the tried and true stance most Democrats produce when they have nothing – personal insults and slams.

From many post-Tuesday night Fight Club talking heads, this was not the Tim Kaine they knew; however, they chalked it up to Clinton’s campaign ‘tainting’ him and causing him to change. Is it? How does the rest of America whose never seen this guy before know? Most of us have not heard of him with any regularity; therefore, how can we judge on anything other than what we saw? And as above, we only saw a rude person who wouldn’t let Pence finish even one sentence. This isn’t a debate on ideas and issues, Kaine clearly wanted to wrestle in the mud.

I’d say, all in all, we did get a clear picture last night at the stark differences between the Trump and Clinton teams – on a more human level. While Pence brought more favor to Trump’s agenda and human side, Kaine further galvanized what many feel about Clinton and her unfavorability to likely voters.

Cold Kaine reality…

Given Clinton’s health issues, the startling truth stared back from the television: Is this who I’d want to be in a negotiation with Vladimir Putin? North Korea? Iran? Are you kidding? Frankly, even as a conservative and his penchant for gaff-a-minute, I’d much prefer Joe Biden. I could just imagine our worlds would be turned upside down should he become the President. The true takeaway from last night was this, Pence presented himself as a future possible President – a man whom can come into the Oval Office at a moment’s notice and lead our nation without skipping any beats! He demonstrated a perfect counterpart to Trump. Furthermore, clearly has his own demeanor and finesse, not some prefabbed, monolithic, scripted memorization of key cuts and smears.

It’s all in the facts…

The bare historical fact is, Kaine didn’t do Virginia any favors as governor. He raised taxes and left the state with a huge fiscal deficit, which, to this day, has never truly recovered. Conversely, Mike Pence leaves his state Indiana with a surplus and greatly improved economic/work conditions from when he took office. Hence, going into this debate, Pence’s governance history already gave him points above his contender and he kept that momentum building throughout, coming out the victor of the evening!

A sidebar from our sponsor…

Donald Trump hasn’t been in public office for his entire adult life. He is a regular citizen like you and I – working to provide for his family rather than living some parasitic elite welfare lifestyle off the backs of taxpayers. He is not a seasoned professional politician where making empty promises without expectation of delivery “is” his only means of surviving and livelihood. He’s a producer not a taker.

Trump has made mistakes during his campaign and has misspoken, but now, we need to move on – something, Clinton/Kaine don’t want to do for obvious reasons mentioned above. However, in spite of all his prior short-comings, one blatant difference between our choices is, he’d never sell us out to the highest bidder! That one thing says all we need to really know about the two possible futures at stake for us and America!

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