US Senate: Letting Down America for Politics while Lying the Whole Time!

Seven years of nothing but balderdash…

For seven years all we’ve heard is these Senators and Congressmen have yammered on and on about how We the People are not happy about this whole Obamacare debacle pushed on us by the Democrats in 2010. They have made stunning claims that they’ve Repealed it two times, each being VETOed by the former president, yet now — now that we’ve given them both Houses and the White House, they decide to go like a limp biscuit and try to curtail the process — hence, usurping not only President Trump but us, the American people. They have now perpetrated the worst foil in American history and yes, they are as useless as tits on a boar!

Republican Establishment has really done it this time — after they got everything they claimed they needed in order to rescue Americans from the dastardly misdeeds of the lunatic Left. Therefore, their lack of regard to us has reared its head in the most spectacular unabashed way possibly by failing to do a full repeal and replacement of the ill-fated system sending us to a single-payer system.

Four GOP holdouts have steamrolled the whole process out of greed and corruption that one would think Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could be hero of the day if he just expelled them because frankly, they are not looking out for their constituents whatsoever!

For example, in Ohio, a stunning graphic depicts that 22 counties will have one choice for healthcare – thus, holding voters’ health hostage for escalating premiums and high deductibles; while 28 counties are not going to have a choice at all because insurance companies have pulled out of the region. Is this really providing healthcare to the citizens of Ohio? I should say not!

Another is Colorado; a state looking at anywhere from 20-47% hikes in their premiums without any recourse due to most insurance companies pulling out of the state. These are facts that we all face in every state without discrimination.

Yet, Senators like Susan Collins, known for having shakes during hearings which indicates a neurological issue, has decided that she won’t go with the will of the people and do her own thing. It begs for us to ask McConnell, why hasn’t she been expelled from the Senate due to being medically incapacitated by this point? It’s clear the woman has some issues from her speech patterns and tremors – so why is she still there?

Furthermore, along with Collins is Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, Rob Portman from Ohio and Shelley Moore Capito from West Virginia – all whom have nixed the full Repeal-only which is so desperately needed to right this ship before a major catastrophe occurs. A complete breakdown of our healthcare system, which will leave millions of Americans who need insurance without any at all…

Do you really want to talk about a government shutdown? Perhaps the People need to step in and insist President Trump do just that – shut it all down. What good is our government doing if it’s continually playing Russian Roulette with our health and well-being. Full Repeal is what over 3,000 counties throughout the US voted for last November and that’s what we want. Their job on the Senate floor is not to line their greedy little hearts with ransom gold, but serve our needs and protect our interests.

So, I ask you, my fellow Americans, how can these four Senators have the audacity to go against our will?

Wall of GOP Senate Shame

The four Senators stopping a full repeal towards disaster: Collins, Portman, Capito and Murkowski are holding America ransom for what? Just what is it they are holding us hostage for? Are they trying to get something for their state or themselves that they are hoping McConnell will fold on? The Swamp’s ugly head is rearing up and it’s time Americans started to take notice and primary these fools out of their positions. Clearly, they are not looking out for anyone’s interests or needs but their owns!

“I am a RINO Trump Disrupter, choosing Politics over your healthcare!”

This is the very reason why the GOP is going down with the ship and no doubt, President Trump will be the one to fix it all. The Senate and Congress during the last few cycles have rendered themselves utterly useless to the point where most are wondering why even bother having these legislative bodies anymore. Is that what Collins and her merry band of thieves desires? To be abolished like those judges back in 1803?

There’s always more than one way to skin rats — and voters have had enough of this nonsense over healthcare. Most people did not want the ACA in the first place but Democrats having control of the Executive and Legislative branches rammed it down our collective throats without a care as to what the American public wanted. Hence, why the Democrats have continued to lose influence ever since – even though they’re shocked and amazed at the fallout!

Common sense on Capitol Hill is like a prostitute at a Sunday Morning Bible Meeting. It’s really that rare and it’s just astounding how Senators like Rob Portman who come from a state like Ohio grappling with the issues in Obamacare can even go back to their districts after this nightmare full of disingenuous rubbish. Portman is notorious for his bill back last Fall that also usurps our First Amendment and frankly, should be bounced from the GOP altogether. He is no Republican much less a Patriot who believes in the founding principles of this country.

The Real Deal is this…

One cannot address this part without remembering what little Charlie Gard is going through in the UK as he’s the perfect example of how what Liberals want for us, is deeply flawed and a danger to our public’s health on the whole! This is what Murkowski, Collins, Portman and Capito want you to live through should a serious illness occur in your families. Sad that our Senators would wish such ill will on the American public, isn’t it?

They are trying to ram down our throats Universal Healthcare, folks. And that same system has failed all of Europe and Canada under other names – Socialized Medicine and Single-Payer. Many from those regions come to America because they cannot get the care they need in a timely fashion in their socialized medicine systems. Now, Democrats along with these rogue Senators want the same fate for us, even though we’ve been kicking and screaming, “NO!”

This was Obamacare’s objective all along — not the trippy feel good fuzzies promised by Obama, Pelosi and Reid back in 2010. All that was nothing but nonsensical rubbish. This was the only objective all along and they knew it then. If there was ever a better argument for treason, this would be one of them. It was a complete betrayal of Americans – all Americans – not to mention unconstitutional in the first place. Yet, we all know Liberals like to write their own rules and stomp on our Constitution every chance they get!

At a time when President Trump and his administration are trying so hard to bring us back to a prosperous stance, the fact these senators have had the audacity to usurp the Will of the People, 2018 cannot come soon enough! One can only hope the people in West Virginia, Maine, Alaska and Ohio will wake up and send these rogue Republicans packing through their primaries. They don’t deserve to be in DC nor do they deserve the job of representing their states!

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